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Conference Physical Phenomena at High Magnetic Fields (4th : 2001 : Santa Fe, N.M.)

Title Proceedings of Physical Phenomena at High Magnetic Fields-IV : Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, 19-25 October 2001 / editors G. Boebinger [and others].

Publication Info. Singapore ; River Edge, N.J. : World Scientific, [2002]

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Description 1 online resource (xxi, 519 pages) : illustrations
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Bibliography Includes bibliographical references.
Contents pt. I. Semiconductors/QHE. Quantum Hall effect in AlAs 2D electron systems / E.P. De Poortere [and others] -- Tunneling in a quantum Hall excitonic condensate / J.P. Eisenstein [and others] -- Quantum Hall liquid crystals / M.M. Fogler -- Ultrafast manipulation of electron spin coherence in quantum wells / J.A. Gupta [and others] -- Zero-bias conductance anomaly in bilayer quantum Hall systems / Y.N. Joglekar and A.H. MacDonald -- Some fractions are more special than others: news from the fractional quantum Hall zone / W. Pan [and others] -- Possible new phases of composite fermions / V.W. Scarola, S.Y. Lee and J.K. Jain -- Intersubband magnetophonon resonances in quantum cascade structures / D. Smirnov [and others] -- Interference and decoherence of composite fermions in the quantum Hall effect / A. Stern -- Current-driven magnons in magnetic multilayers / M. Tsoi -- Contributed papers. Theory of surface-acoustic-wave propagation in the v = 5/2 fractional quantum Hall state / K.C. Foster, N.E. Bonesteel and S.H. Simon -- High magnetic field dependent diamagnetic shifts in Al[symbol] semiconductor alloys / E.D. Jones [and others] -- Effect of strong terahertz radiation on magnetoconductivity in two-dimensions / R.A. Lewis [and others] -- Tunneling zero-bias anomaly in the ultra-quantum limit / D.L. Maslov, S.-W. Tsai and L.I. Glazman -- High magnetic field optical studies of charged exciton in CdTe 2D electron gases / N. Negre [and others] -- Increase of quantum Hall plateau widths due to electron-phonon interaction / J. Riess [and others] -- Search for superluminal propagation in high magnetic fields / J. Riess -- Impurities in a magnetic-field-induced Luttinger liquid / S.-W. Tsai, D.L. Maslov and L.I. Glazman -- Reconstruction of fractional quantum Hall edges / X. Wan, K. Yang and E.H. Rezayi -- Sample cooling and rotation at ultra-low temperatures and high magnetic fields / J.S. Xia [and others] -- pt. II. Heavy fermions. Does the heavy electron maintain its integrity at quantum critical point? / P. Coleman -- Observation of a second energy scale in YbAl[symbol] above 40 T / A.L. Cornelius [and others] -- High pressure transport study of non-Fermi liquid behaviour in U[symbol] and U[symbol] / A. de Visser, P. Estrela and T. Naka -- The de Haas-van Alphen effect in CeMIn[symbol] (where M = Rh and Co) / D. Hall [and others] -- Superconducting and normal state properties of the heavy fermion compound PrOs[symbol] / P.-C. Ho [and others] -- Specific heat anomaly for H e"28.5 T in Celrln[symbol] / J.S. Kim [and others] -- Thermodyanamic studies of the field-induced gap in the quasi-one-dimensional S = 1/2 antiferromagnet Yb[symbol] / M. Lang [and others] -- Two-component superconductivity of heavy fermionic material UPt[symbol] / V.P. Mineev and T. Champel -- CeMIn[symbol] (M = Co, Ir, Rh) heavy fermion superconductors and the utility of high magnetic fields / J.L. Sarrao -- Quantum critical fluctuations in heavy fermion compounds / A. Schroeder [and others] -- Ultrasonic measurements at the metamagnetic transition in URu[symbol] / A. Suslov [and others] -- High field magnetization, longitudinal and transverse magnetoresistance of UirGe / S. Chang [and others] -- High field magnetotransport in CeRh[symbol] heavy electron alloys / A.D. Christianson [and others] -- dHvA measurements on La[symbol] where M = Rh, Ir, and Co / R.G. Goodrich [and others] -- Anisotropic properties of single-crystalline CeNiGe[symbol] / M.H. Jung [and others] -- "High-temperature" oscillations of bismuth conductivity in the ultra-quantum limit / V.B. Krasovitsky -- High-field magnetization in the Mott-Hubbard system (Y, Ca)VO[symbol] / H. Nakotte [and others] -- Inelastic neutron scattering from anisotropic superconductors / P.S. Riseborough -- Ultrasonic and magnetization studies at the metamagnetic transition in UPt[symbol] / A. Suslov [and others].
pt. III. Molecular conductors. Magnetic-field-induced superconductivity in layered organic molecular crystals with localized magnetic moments / O. Cepas, R.H. McKenzie and J. Merino -- Persistent currents at fields above 23T / N. Harrison -- High-magnetic-field tests for reduced dimensionality in organic superconductors: just how valid are the Mott-Ioffe Regel and Anderson criteria? / J. Singleton [and others] -- Magnetic phase diagram in field induced superconductors [symbol] / S. Uji [and others] -- The quantum Hall effect in quasi-one-dimensional organic conductors / V.M. Yakovenko -- NMR study of the antiferromagnetic to superconductor phase transition in (TMTSF)[symbol] / W. Yu [and others] -- Contributed papers. The effects of pressure and magnetic field on the conductivity of FeCI[symbol] doped polyacetylene: the influence of scattering by low-energy excitations / A.N. Aleshin [and others] -- High field phase diagram of the field-induced superconducting state of [symbol] / L. Balicas [and others] -- Magnetic field-induced density wave transition in a [symbol]-phase organic conductor / D. Graf [and others] -- Electron magnetic resonance Fermi surface imaging: applications to organic conductors and Sr[symbol] / S. Hill [and others] -- High field magnetoconductivity of iodine doped helical polyacetylene / D.-S. Suh [and others] -- pt. IV. Quantum solids and liquids. Viscosity of highly polarized very dilute [symbol]He -- [symbol]He mixtures / H. Akimoto [and others] -- Contributed papers. Investigation of multiple-spin exchange in 2D films of [symbol]He: NMR studies / C. Parks, N.S. Sullivan and P. Stachowiak -- Order/disorder transitions of ortho-para hydrogen monolayers at low temperatures / N.S. Sullivan, K. Kim and V.B. Kokshenev -- pt. V. Superconductivity. Magnetotransport in cuprates and related compounds in high magnetic fields: evidence for preformed bipolarons / A.S. Alexandrov -- Spinless impurities in cuprates: local magnetism and Kondo effect in the normal and superconducting states / H. Alloul [and others] -- Magnetic field and impurity effects in pseudogap state of cuprates / A.V. Balatsky -- The fascinating new physics of some old BCS superconductors / V. Barzykin -- Orbital magnetism in the cuprates / S. Chakravarty, H.-Y. Kee and C. Nayak -- Magnetism and superconductivity in YBa[symbol] superconductors / P. Dai [and others] -- Far-infrared Hall effect in normal state of YBCO / M. Grayson [and others] -- Pseudogap state of high Tc cuprates: a predominant role of spin degrees of freedom / L. Krusin-Elbaum [and others] -- Vortex magnetism in the high-temperatures superconductor La[symbol] / B. Lake [and others] -- Magnetic field tuning of charge and spin order in the cuprate superconductors / A. Polkovnikov [and others] -- Anomalous behavior of spin fluctuations in polycrystalline NdBa[symbol] / A.P. Reyes [and others] -- Contributed papers. Low-temperature normal-state Hall effect in high-Tc Bi[symbol] revealed by 60 T magnetic fields / F.F. Balakirev [and others] -- Tunneling spectroscopy of the electron-doped cuprate superconductor Pr[symbol] / A. Biswas [and others] -- Magnetic field effects on Tc and the pseudogap onset temperature in cuprate superconductors / Q. Chen [and others] -- Specific heat of Mg[symbol] in magnetic fields: two energy gaps in the superconducting state / R.A. Fisher [and others] -- Mixing of singlet and triplet pairing for surface superconductivity / L.P. Gor'kov and E.I. Rashba -- Mg as a main source for the diverse magnetotransport properties of MgB[symbol] / K.H. Kim [and others] -- Anomalous re-entrant superconductivity in Sr[symbol]: recovery of superconductivity with electric and magnetic field / D.C. Kim [and others] -- The inhomogeneous magnetic fluctuations in the superconducting La[symbol] / P.L. Kuhns [and others] -- Field-induced antiferromagnetism in the high-temperature superconductor La[symbol] / B. Lake [and others] -- Magnetic tests to reveal triplet superconductivity in (TMTSF)[symbol] and a possible breaking of a time reversal symmetry in Sr[symbol], LBCO, and YBCO / A.G. Lebed -- Metal-insultator crossover in high Tc cuprates: gauge field theory versus experiments / P.A. Marchetti, Z.-B. Su and L. Yu -- Using radio frequency penetration depth to probe layered superconductors / C.H. Mielke -- Influence of electron irradiation defects on the transport properties of cuprates / F. Rullier-Albenque, R. Tourbot and H. Alloul -- Interplay between spin and crystal lattices in antiferromagnetic YBa[symbol] / V. Sandu [and others] -- Magnetotransport and the magnetic phase diagram of superconducting ErNi[symbol] / G.M. Schmiedeshoff [and others] -- High-field transport properties of T'-Ln[symbol] (Ln = Nd, Pr, La) / T. Sekitani, N. Miura and M. Naito -- Percolative superconductivity in Mg[symbol] / P.A. Sharma -- Vortex glass transition versus irreversibility line in superconducting BKBO / P. Szabo [and others] -- Transport in MgB[symbol] in high magnetic fields / P. Szabo [and others] -- Evidence for the pair formation far above Tc in epitaxial La[symbol] thin films / J. Vanacken [and others].
pt. VI. Magnetism and magnetic phenomena. Resistivity and penetration depth measurements of organic superconductors in high magnetic fields using a tunnel diode oscillator / C.C. Agosta [and others] -- Theoretical overview of superconductivity in strontium ruthenate / D.F. Agterberg -- The millimetre-wave magneto-optical response of Sr[symbol] / A. Ardavan [and others] -- Magnetic properties of heavy fermion superconductors CeRhIn[symbol] and Ce[symbol] / W. Bao [and others] -- Spin correlations in magnetized haldane chains / C.L. Broholm -- Quantum oscillations, tunneling magnetoresistance and angular dependence of magnetization in Ca[symbol] / G. Cao -- Spin density wave order and fluctuations in (TMTSF)[symbol] at very high magnetic fields / W.G. Clark [and others] -- A metamagnetic quantum critical endpoint in the Sr[symbol] / S.A. Grigera [and others] -- High field NMR in strongly correlated low-dimensional fermionic systems / M. Horvatić and C. Berthier -- Triplet superconductivity order parameter in an organic superconductor (TMTSF)[symbol] / A.G. Lebed -- Magnetism at the spatial limit / H. Manoharan -- Ferromagnetic and structural instabilities in Ca[symbol] / S. Nakatsuji and Y. Maeno -- Effects of parallel magnetic fields on the unusual metallic behavior in two dimensions / D. Popovic -- Geometrical frustration, and relevance for high field studies / A.P. Ramirez -- Contibuted papers. Effects of in-plane strain on magnetism in LaMnO[symbol] thin films / K.H. Ahn and A.J. Millis -- Observation of quantum oscillations in four-layer BaRuO[symbol] / C.S. Alexander [and others] -- Hopping conductivity in one-dimensional Ca[symbol] single crystal / J.M. Broto [and others] -- Colossal effects in transition metal oxides caused by intrinsic inhomogeneities / J. Burgy [and others] -- [symbol]Mn NMR and magnetization studies of La[symbol] / T. Caldwell [and others] -- High field NMR studies of NaV[symbol] to 44.7 T / T. Caldwell [and others] -- Triplet modes in a quantum spin liquid across the critical field / N. Cavadini [and others] -- Crystal-field effects in the first-order valence transition in YblnCu[symbol] induced by external magnetic field / M. Dzero -- Tamm-type of states at the interface in La[symbol] (x=0.4, 0.55) superlattices / M. Dzero and L.P. Gor'kov -- Magnetic resonances observed in the high-field magneto-optical absorption of the quantum Ising ferromagnet LiHoF[symbol] / R.S. Edwards [and others] -- Large effects of magnetic field on Josephson currents through antiferromagnetic barriers / L.P. Gor'kov and V.Z. Kresin -- Pressure dependent magnetization and magnetic ordering in rare earth ruthenates, Sm[symbol], Gd[symbol], Tb[symbol] and Nd[symbol] / R.P. Guertin and S. McCall -- Dynamical properties of field-induced ordered-states in S = 1/2 one-dimensional quantum spin systems / N. Haga and S.-I. Suga -- Dynamical structure factors of the S = 1/2 spin ladder systems with a diagonal interaction in the magnetization-plateau state / N. Haga and S. Suga -- D-strain, G-strain, and dipolar interactions in the Fe[symbol] and Mn[symbol] single molecule magnets: an EPR lineshape analysis / S. Hill [and others] -- High pressure apparatus for transport properties study in high magnetic field / F. Honda [and others] -- High-field Hall effect and band structure of half-metallic CrO[symbol] films / S.M. Watts, S. Von Molnár and M. Jaime -- Phase transitions in insulating vanadium oxide / A. Joshi, M. Ma and F.C. Zhang -- Magnetization curves of quasi-one-dimensional Haldane systems / A. Kawaguchi [and others] -- Negative magnetoresistance in PbTe(Mn, Cr) / D. Khokhlov [and others] -- New non-cooperative quantum phenomenon in a ferrimagnet with antiferromagnetic impurity / A.S. Lagutin [and others] -- Ferromagnetic resonances in polycrystalline La[symbol] / R.A. Lewis [and others] -- The study of the magnetic breakdown effect as a function of angle in the organic conductor K-(BEDT-TTF)[symbol] in high magnetic fields / I. Mihut [and others] -- Electronic scattering and spin disorder in 3d-ferromagnets in the paraprocess regime / B. Raquet [and others] -- Raman scattering study of temperature-and field-dependent magnetic polaron formation in (Eu, Gd)O / H. Rho [and others] -- Nuclear magnetism of helium-3 precipitates / V.A. Shvarts [and others] -- Pulse-field experiments on the spin-lattice interaction in low-dimensional spin systems / B. Wolf [and others] -- Electron-spin resonance evidence of the quantum spin gap in the LiCu[symbol] / S.A. Zvyagin [and others].
pt. VII. Other aspects of studies in high magnetic fields. Electron correlation effects in biological molecules / D.L. Cox [and others] -- Force-detected scanned probe magnetic resonance microscopy / P.C. Hammel -- Advances in megagauss field generation and application at ISSP / N. Miura [and others] -- Contributed papers. Ultrafast coherent terahertz spectroscopy in high magnetic fields / S.A. Crooker and A.J. Taylor -- Recent advances in low temperature thermometry in high magnetic fields / E.C. Palm [and others] -- Neutron scattering in magnetic fields up to 17 T / K. Prokes, P. Smeibidl and M. Meissner -- Ultrasonic spectrometers for condensed matter studies at very high magnetic fields / A. Suslov [and others] -- High pressure techniques for low temperature studies in DC and pulsed magnetic fields / S.W. Tozer -- pt. VIII. Instrumentation and facility development of high magnetic fields. The Dresden 100 T/10 ms project: a high magnetic field facility at an IR-FEL / M. Dörr [and others] -- Development of advanced instrumentation for static and pulsed fields / A. Migliori [and others] -- Megagauss cyclotron resonance in semiconductor nanostructures and diluted magnetic semiconductors / N. Miura, Y.H. Matsuda and T. Ikaida -- Feasibility studies for the implementation of nuclear magnetic resonance in a 25 T hybrid magnet / P.J.M. van Bentum [and others].
Summary Physical Phenomena at High Magnetic Fields IV (PPHMF-IV) was the fourth in the series of conferences sponsored by the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL). The success of PPHMF-I, II and III, held in 1991, 1995 and 1998 respectively, encouraged the organizers to once again bring together experts in scientific research areas where high magnetic fields play an important role, to critically assess the current status of research in these areas, and to discuss promising new directions in science, as well as applications which are in the forefront of these fields.
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