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245 00 Critical terms in Caribbean and Latin American thought :
       |bhistorical and institutional trajectories /|cedited by 
       Yolanda Martínez-San Miguel, Ben. Sifuentes-Jáuregui, and 
       Marisa Belausteguigoitia. 
264  1 New York :|bPalgrave Macmillan,|c2016. 
264  4 |c©2016 
300    1 online resource (xii, 299 pages) 
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490 1  New directions in Latino American cultures 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |tThe "Latin America keywords project": a critical 
       disciplinary genealogy /|rYolanda Martinez-San Miguel, 
       Ben. Sifuentes-Jauregui, and Marisa Belausteguigoitia --
       |g1|tIndigenismo --|gI.|tFrom Indigenismo to Zapatismo: 
       scenarios of construction of the indigenous subject /
       |rMarisa Belausteguigoitia --|gII.|tIndigenismo as 
       nationalism: from the liberal to the revolutionary era /
       |rMaria Josefina Saldana-Portillo --|g2|tAmericanismo --
       |gI.|tAmericanism/o : intercultural border zones in 
       postsocial times /|rJuan Poblete --|gII.|tAmericanism/o 
       and the internalization of US imperialism: a response to 
       Juan Poblete /|rJohn Carlos Rowe --|g3|tColonialism --|gI.
       |tColonialism, neocolonial, internal colonialism, the 
       postcolonial, coloniality, and decoloniality /|rNelson 
       Maldonado-Torres --|gII.|tMapping colonial resistance: 
       colonialism, anti-"Indianism," and contested nationalisms 
       in the Americas /|rLeece M. Lee-Oliver --|g4|tCriollismo/
       Creolization --|gI.|tCriollismo, creole, and creolite /
       |rJose Antonio Mazzotti --|tCreole, criollismo, creolite /
       |rH. Adlai Murdoch --|g5|tMestizaje --|gI.|tRace and the 
       constitutive inequality of the modern/colonial condition /
       |rJose F. Buscaglia-Salgado --|gII.|tThe Asian presence in
       mestizo nations: a response /|rKathleen Lopez --|g6
       |tTransculturation --|gI.|tTransculturation, syncretism, 
       hybridity /|rJossianna Arroyo --|gII.|tThe presistence of 
       racism in critical imaginaries of Latin America /|rLaura 
       Catelli --|g7|tModernidad --|gI.|tModernity and 
       modernization: the geopolitical relocation of Latin 
       America /|rGraciela Montaldo --|gII.|tBeyond modernity /
       |rAlejandra Laera --|g8|tNation --|gI.|tThe Latin American
       nation and its cultural inscriptions: archives of promise 
       or lament? /|rRoman de la Campa --|gII.|tMultiplicity and 
       its discontents: a response to Roman de la Campa /|rHector
       Hoyos --|g9|tGender --|gI.|tGender/genero in Latin America
       /|rLawrence La Fountain-Stokes --|gII.|tGender travels 
       south: a response to Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes /
       |rMontserrat Sagot R. --|g10|tSexuality --|gI.|tQueer/
       sexualities /|rLicia Fiol-Matta --|gII.|tQueer 
       articulations /|rCarlos Figari --|g11|tTestimonio --|gI.
       |tTestimonio: the witness, the truth, and the inaudible /
       |rAna Forcinito --|gII.|tEnunciating alleged truths: a 
       response to Ana Forcinito /|rArturo Arias --|g12|tPopular 
       culture --|gI.|t"Lo popular"/popular culture: performing 
       the borders of power and resistance /|rIgnacio M. Sanchez 
       Prado --|gII.|tGlobalized digital popular cultures: a 
       response in Ignacio M. Sanchez Prado /|rSusan Antebi. 
520    "This volume is a collection of critical essays on twelve 
       keywords central in Latin American and Caribbean Studies: 
       indigenismo, Americanism, colonialism, criollismo, race, 
       transculturation, modernity, nation, gender, sexuality, 
       testimonio, and popular culture. Each one of these 
       keywords is conceived in conversation with a broader 
       cluster of terms The central question motivating our work 
       is how can we think--epistemologically and pedagogically--
       about Latin American Studies as a field that has taken 
       different historical and institutional trajectories across
       the Caribbean, Latin America, and the United States. Each 
       keyword is presented in the anthology through a lead essay
       that reflects on a notion in conversation with other terms
       that are either derived, related, or posed as potential 
       responses, subversions, or interrogations of the original 
       keyword. The response essays supplement the lead essay by 
       exploring the debate from a different disciplinary 
       perspective or field (including discussions in Latin 
       American, American, Caribbean, Ethnic and Latino, and 
       Women and Gender Studies), or exploring an angle or aspect
       of the concept that was not necessarily discussed in the 
       lead essay. The lead essay and response format encourages 
       further debate around each specific term, highlighting 
       North-South, South-South and South-North approaches to 
       each critical term"--|cProvided by publisher 
520    "Critical Terms in Caribbean and Latin American Thought is
       a collection of critical essays and responses to twelve 
       keywords central in Latin American and Caribbean Studies: 
       indigenismo, Americanism, colonialism, criollismo, race, 
       transculturation, modernity, nation, gender, sexuality, 
       testimonio, and popular culture"--|cProvided by publisher 
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655  7 Criticism, interpretation, etc.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01411635 
700 1  Martínez-San Miguel, Yolanda,|eeditor. 
700 1  Sifuentes-Jáuregui, Ben,|eeditor. 
700 1  Belausteguigoitia, Marisa,|eeditor. 
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776 08 |iPrint version:|tCritical terms in Caribbean and Latin 
       American thought.|dHoundmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; 
       New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2016|z9781137554291
       |w(DLC)  2015019827|w(OCoLC)914217293 
830  0 New directions in Latino American cultures. 
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