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111 2  Information Systems Foundations: Constructing and 
       Criticising Workshop|d(2004 :|cCanberra, A.C.T.) 
245 10 Information systems foundations: constructing and 
       criticising /|cDennis N. Hart and Shirley D. Gregor 
264  1 Canberra :|bANU E Press,|c2005. 
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500    Title from ANU E Press titles home page (viewed 27 June 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 00 |g1.|tFoundations of information systems theory and 
       research.|tStruggle towards an understanding of theory in 
       information systems /|rShirley Gregor --|tInformation 
       systems theory as cultural capital : an argument for the 
       development of 'grand' theory /|rDouglas Hamilton --
       |tReality of information systems research /|rJohn Lamp and
       Simon Milton --|tQualitative research in information 
       systems : consideration of selected theories /|rM. Gordon 
       Hunter --|g2.|tResearch methods, reference theories and 
       information systems.|tGrounded theory method and case 
       study data in IS research : Issues and design /|rWalter D.
       Fernández --|tA hermeneutic analysis of the Denver 
       International Airport Baggage Handling System /|rStasys 
       Lukaitis and Jacod Cybulski --|tInformation systems 
       technology grounded on institutional facts /|rRobert M. 
       Colomb --|tPerhaps it's time for a fresh approach to IS/IT
       gender research? /|rPhyl Webb and Judy Young --
       |tReflection in self-organised systems /|rMaureen Lynch 
       and Carmen Joham --|tStrategic knowledge sharing : a small
       -worlds perspective /|rMike Metcalfe --|tA unified open 
       systems model for explaining organisational change /|rDoy 
       Sundarasaradula and Helen Hasan --|g3.|tLinking 
       information systems theory and practice.|tResearch as an 
       information systems domain /|rCraig McDonald --|tA 
       procedural model for ontological analyses /|rMichael 
       Roseman, Peter Green and Marta Indulska --|tLessons 
       learned from manual systems : designing information 
       systems based on the situational theory of agency /|rSimon
       K. Milton, Robert B. Johnston and Reeva M. Lederman --
       |tConversations at the electronic frontier : the 
       information systems business language (ISBL) /|rDouglas 
520 2  Papers presented at the second biennial Information 
       Systems Foundations ('Constructing and Criticising') 
       Workshop, held at The Australian National University in 
       Canberra from 16-17 July 2004. The focus of the workshop 
       was, as for the first in the series, the foundations of 
       Information Systems as an academic discipline. The 
       particular emphasis was on the adequacy and completeness 
       of theoretical underpinnings and the research methods 
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700 1  Gregor, Shirley Diane.|0
700 1  Hart, Dennis N.|0
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       eBook. Open Access via JSTOR. 
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