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111 2  International Symposium on TOP. 
245 10 Topology in ordered phases :|bproceedings of the 1st 
       International Symposium on TOP, 2005 : Sapporo, Japan, 7-
       10 March 2005 : with CD-ROM /|ceditors Satoshi Tanda [and 
260    Hackensack, NJ :|bWorld Scientific,|c©2006. 
300    1 online resource (xiv, 374 pages) :|billustrations (some 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  I. Topology as universal concept. Optical vorticulture / 
       M.V. Berry. On universality of mathematical structure in 
       nature: topology / T. Matsuyama. Topology in physics / R. 
       Jackiw. Isoholonomic problem and holonomic quantum 
       computation / S. Tanimura -- II. Topological crystals. 
       Topological crystals of NbSe[symbol] / S. Tanda [and 
       others]. Superconducting states on a Möbius strip / M. 
       Hayashi [and others]. Structure analyses of topological 
       crystals using synchrotron radiation / Y. Nogami [and 
       others]. Transport measurement for topological charge 
       density waves / T. Matsuura [and others]. Theoretical 
       study on Little-Parks oscillation in nanoscale 
       superconducting ring / T. Suzuki, M. Hayashi and H. 
       Ebisawa. Frustrated CDW states in topological crystals / 
       K. Kuboki [and others]. Law of growth in topological 
       crystal / M. Tsubota [and others]. Synthesis and electric 
       properties of NbS[symbol]: possibility of room temperature
       charge density wave devices / H. Nobukane [and others]. 
       How does a single crystal become a Möbius strip? / T. 
       Matsuura [and others]. Development of X-ray analysis 
       method for topological crystals / K. Yamamoto [and others]
       -- III. Topological materials. Femtosecond-timescale 
       structure dynamics in complex materials: the case of 
       (NbSe[symbol])[symbol]I / D. Dvorsek and D. Mihailovic. 
       Ultrafast dynamics of charge-density-wave in topological 
       crystals / K. Shimatake [and others]. Topology in 
       morphologies of a folded single-chain polymer / Y. 
       Takenaka, D. Baigl and K. Yoshikawa. One to two-
       dimensional conversion in topological crystals / T. 
       Toshima, K. Inagaki and S. Tanda. Topological change of 
       Fermi surface in Bismuth under high pressure / M. Kasami 
       [and others]. Topological change of 4,4'-bis[9-
       dicarbazolyl]-2,2'-biphenyl (CBP) by international 
       rearrangement / K.S. Son [and others]. Spin dynamics in 
       Heisenberg triangular system VI5 cluster studied by 
       [symbol]H-NMR / Y. Furukawa [and others]. STM/STS on 
       NbSe[symbol] nanotubes / K. Ichimura [and others]. 
       Nanofibers of hydrogen storage alloy / I. Saita [and 
       others]. Synthesis of stable icosahedral quasicrystals in 
       Zn-Sc based alloys and their magnetic properties / S. 
       Kashimoto and T. Ishimasa. One-armed spiral wave excited 
       by eam pressure in accretion disks in Be/X-Ray binaries / 
       K. Hayasaki and A.T. Okazaki -- IV. Topological defects 
       and excitations. Topological excitations in the ground 
       state of charge density wave systems / P. Monceau. Soliton
       transport in nanoscale charge-density-wave systems / K. 
       Inagaki, T. Toshima and S. Tanda. Topological defects in 
       triplet superconductors UPt3, Sr[symbol]RuO[symbol], etc. 
       / K. Maki [and others]. Microscopic structure of vortices 
       in type II superconductors / K. Machida [and others]. 
       Microscopic neutron investigation of the Abrikosov state 
       of high-temperature superconductors / J. Mesot. Energy 
       dissipation at nano-scale topological defects of high-Tc 
       superconductors: microwave study / A. Maeda. Pressure 
       induced topological phase transition in the heavy Fermion 
       compound CeAl[symbol] / H. Miyagawa [and others]. 
       Explanation for the unusual orientation of LSCO square 
       vortex lattice in terms of nodal superconductivity / M. 
       Oda. Local electronic states in 
       Bi[symbol]Sr[symbol]CaCu[symbol]O[symbol] / A. Hashimoto 
       [and others] -- V. Topology in quantum phenomena. 
       Topological vortex formation in a Bose-Einstein condensate
       of alkali-metal atoms / M. Nakahara. Quantum phase 
       transition of [symbol]He confined in nano-porous media / 
       K. Shirahama, K. Yamamoto and Y. Shibayama. A new mean-
       field theory for Bose-Einstein condensates / T. Kita. Spin
       current in topological cristals / Y. Asano. 
       Antiferromagnetic defects in non-magnetic hidden order of 
       the heavy-electron system URu[symbol]Si[symbol] / H. 
       Amitsuka, K. Tenya and M. Yokoyama. Magnetic-field 
       dependences of thermodynamic quantities in the vortex 
       state of Type-II superconductors / K. Watanabe, T. Kita 
       and M. Arai. Three-magnon-mediated nuclear spin relaxation
       in quantum ferrimagnets of topological origin / H. Hori 
       and S, Yamamoto. Topological aspects of wave function 
       statistics at the Anderson transition / H. Obuse and K. 
       Yakubo. Metal-insulator transition in 1D correlated 
       disorder / H. Shima and T. Nakayama. Superconductivity in 
       URu[symbol]Si[symbol] under high pressure / K. Tenya [and 
       others] -- VI. Topology in optics. Optical vorticulture / 
       M.V. Berry. The topology of vortex lines in light beams / 
       M.J. Padgett [and others]. Optical spin vortex: 
       topological objects in nonlinear polarization optics / H. 
       Kuratsuji and S. Kakigi. Coherent dynamics of collective 
       motion in the NbSe[symbol] charge density wave state / Y. 
       Toda [and others]. Coherent collective excitation of 
       charge-density wave in the commensurate phase of the 
       TaS[symbol] compound / T. Minami [and others]. Real time 
       imaging of surface acoustic waves on topological 
       structures / H. Yamazaki, O.B. Wright and O. Matsuda. 
       Optical vortex generation for characterization of 
       topological materials / Y. Tokizane [and others]. Real 
       time imaging techniques for surface waves on topological 
       structures / T. Tachizaki [and others]. Nonlinear 
       oscillations of the Stokes parameters in birefringent 
       media / R. Seto, H. Kuratsuji and R. Botet. Phonon vortex 
       localized in a quantum wire / N. Nishiguchi -- VII. 
       Topology in quantum device. Quantum device applications of
       mesoscopic superconductivity / P.J. Hakonen. Theory of 
       current-driven domain wall dynamics / G. Tatara [and 
       others]. Squid of a Ruthenate superconductor / Y. Asano, 
       Y. Tanaka and S. Kashiwaya. Path integral formalism for 
       quantum tunneling of relativistic fluxon / K. Konno, T. 
       Fujii and N. Hatakenaka. Experimental study of two and 
       three-dimensional superconducting networks / S. Tsuchiya 
       [and others]. 
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655  4 Electronic books. 
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2fast
700 1  Tanda, Satoshi. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aInternational Symposium on TOP.
       |tTopology in ordered phases.|dHackensack, NJ : World 
       Scientific, ©2006|z9812700064|z9789812700063
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