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100 1  Komulainen, Jyri. 
245 13 An emerging cosmotheandric religion? :|bRaimon Panikkar's 
       pluralistic theology of religions /|cby Jyri Komulainen. 
260    Leiden ;|aBoston, Mass. :|bBrill,|c2005. 
300    1 online resource (ix, 234 pages). 
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338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Studies in Christian mission,|x0924-9389 ;|vv. 30 
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 215-230) and 
505 0  ""Contents""; ""Acknowledgements""; ""Chapter One: 
       Introduction""; ""1.1. Raimon Panikkar's Theology in the 
       Changing Context of the Theology of Religions""; ""1.1.1. 
       The Change in the Field of the Theology of Religions: From
       Confrontation to Dialogue""; ""1.1.2. Panikkar as a 
       Representative of the Pluralistic Theology of Religions"";
       ""1.1.3. Post-Pluralistic Critique""; ""1.1.4. Panikkar's 
       Theology of Religions in the Light of Post-Pluralistic 
       Critique""; ""1.2. Sources and Method of Study""; ""1.2.1.
       Problems and Limitations Concerning the Sources of the 
505 8  ""1.2.2. The Most Essential Works from Panikkar's 
       Pluralistic Phase""""1.3. Previous Research on Panikkar"";
       ""1.4. Progress of the Research""; ""Chapter Two: Starting
       -Points of Panikkar's Theology""; ""2.1. Locus Theologicus
       : The Meeting of Religions""; ""2.1.1. Relatedness Between
       Spirituality and Theory""; ""2.1.2. The Inevitability of 
       the Encounter of Religions""; ""2.2. Religions in the 
       Organic Category of ""Growth""""; ""2.3. Modus Theologicus
       : Dialogical Dialogue""; ""Chapter Three: Panikkar's 
       Program of the Theology of Religions""; ""3.1. Pluralism 
       and its Ontological Substantiation"" 
505 8  ""3.1.1. Reality as Radically Pluralistic""""3.1.2. The 
       Impossibility of a Universal Theory""; ""3.2. The 
       Anthropological Foundation of Religions""; ""3.2.1. A 
       Holistic Vision of Pluralistic Reality""; ""3.2.2. 
       ""Faith"" as an Anthropological Invariant""; ""3.2.3. 
       Perennial Wisdom""; ""3.2.4. Harmony in Reality""; ""3.3. 
       The Normativeness of Constitutive Spirituality""; ""3.3.1.
       The Transformation of Christianity""; ""3.3.2. From 
       Christology to Christophany: An Example of ""Necessary 
       Growth""""; ""Chapter Four: The Principles Behind 
       Panikkar's Theology"" 
505 8  ""4.1. Christophany: Christ as a Symbol of Being""""4.1.1.
       Christ as a Cosmological Principle and an Ontological 
       Link""; ""4.1.2. Reality as Christophany""; ""4.1.3. The 
       Meaning of Jesus of Nazareth in Cosmic Christology""; 
       ""4.1.4. Christ as a Category Surpassing Jesus of 
       Nazareth""; ""4.1.5. Jesus as the Revealer of the 
       ""Supername""""; ""4.2. Transhistorical Existence and its 
       Epistemology""; ""4.2.1. Stages of the Human Time-
       Consciousness""; ""4.2.2. Ontological Epistemology as a 
       Solution to the Epistemological Dilemma""; ""4.2.3. Indian
       Spirituality as a Corrective for Western Thinking"" 
505 8  ""4.2.4. Ecosophy�a New Cosmological Vision""""4.3. 
       Cosmotheandrism: Trinitarian Metaphysics""; ""4.3.1. The 
       Trinitarian Reality""; ""4.3.2. Theos, Anthropos, and 
       Cosmos�the Dimensions of the Cosmotheandric Vision""; 
       ""Chapter Five: Cosmotheandrism�the Anthropological 
       Reduction of Religions?""; ""Conclusion""; 
       ""Bibliography""; ""Index""; ""A""; ""B""; ""C""; ""D""; 
       ""E""; ""F""; ""G""; ""H""; ""J""; ""K""; ""L""; ""M""; 
       ""N""; ""O""; ""P""; ""R""; ""S""; ""T""; ""U""; ""V""; 
       ""W""; ""Y"" 
520 8  Annotation|bRaimon Panikkar (b. 1918), a Catalan-born 
       Hindu-Christian, is a prominent theorist of interreligious
       dialogue. This study gives a detailed analysis of his 
       theology of religions. On the basis of the most recent 
       sources available, it appears that even his "radical 
       pluralism" cannot eschew the inherent problems 
       characteristic of pluralistic theologies of religions. 
       Unlike other pluralists, Panikkar does not subscribe to 
       the Enlightenment tradition. Instead, his plea for the 
       transformation of existing religions is based on an 
       idiosyncratic "cosmotheandrism," which draws on both 
       primordial religious traditions and existentialist 
       philosophy. The prerequisites of interreligious dialogue, 
       as outlined in his work, thus entail commitment to a 
       particular cosmology and mode of consciousness. 
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650  0 Theology of religions (Christian theology) 
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776 08 |iPrint version:|aKomulainen, Jyri.|tEmerging 
       cosmotheandric religion?.|dLeiden ; Boston, Mass. : Brill,
       2005|w(DLC)  2004057557 
830  0 Studies in Christian mission ;|vv. 30.|x0924-9389 
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