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110 2  Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party 
410 2  MFDP 
510 2  Mississippi Freedom Project 
670    NUCMC data from Univ. Wash. Lib. for Rothschild, M.A. 
       Papers, 1964-1969|b(Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party) 
670    LC data base, 7-8-87|b(hdg.: Mississippi Freedom 
       Democratic Party) 
670    McDowell, J. Black politics, 1971:|bp. 5, etc. 
       (Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party was formally 
       constituted in Jackson on April 26, 1964; an outgrowth of 
       the Mississippi Freedom Project, an organization formally 
       under the auspices of the Council of Federated 
       Organizations (comprised of the Student Nonviolent 
       Coordinating Committee, Congress of Racial Equality, 
       Southern Christian Leadership Conference, NAACP, and the 
       National Council of Churches)) 
670    Rothschild, M.A. Case of black and white, 1982:|bp. 23, 
       etc. (Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party; MFDP; in 
       contrast to state Democratic party, MFDP was open to all 
       citizens of voting age, regardless of race, creed, or 
       color. From beginning it pledged loyalty to the national 
       Democratic party)