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100 1  Mohaghegh, Jason Bahbak,|d1979-|eauthor. 
245 10 Elemental Disappearances|cby Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh, Dejan
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264  3 Baltimore, Md. :|bProject MUSE, |c2020 
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520    The things sought after here are apparitional: they appear
       and disappear at will; they perfect the art of 
       materialization and vanishing. Such is the nature of 
       living dangerously, and with it the short duration of 
       enchantment. This collection tracks provocative ideas, 
       artifacts, and phenomena rising and fading across 
       different territories of the contemporary world. Through a
       constellation of powerful thought-images, the authors 
       uncover spaces of an ephemeral and fugitive nature in 
       order to generate a fractal vision of our time and beyond.
       A former communist prison island in the Adriatic Sea, now 
       abandoned and overgrown with wild plants; the stone garden
       of a deaf Iranian peasant who dances ecstatically among 
       his geological formations; a Belgian sculptor who combines
       wax and flesh to depict human and animal forms in states 
       of half-manifestation, incompletion (missing limbs), or 
       branching (morphing into other organisms); a cultural 
       movement in Brazil that takes the discarded debris of 
       urban centers and transforms their splintered wood pieces 
       into massive labyrinths and underground caverns; a 
       blacksmith poet in Afghanistan who alternates between 
       tasks of hammering metal and writing lyrical verses amidst
       the smoke-clouds of his forge; a Cuban writer whose 
       delirious fixation with the sea compels him to invent a 
       language of pure untimeliness. There are countless sites 
       of disturbance within the postmodern landscape, and yet 
       far too often these disruptive "scenes" remain untheorized
       and misaligned, treated as random deviations and thus 
       afforded no surpassing consequence or philosophical 
       complexity. On the contrary, such micro-trajectories 
       necessitate an archive and conceptual matrix that will 
       steal them from their false obscurity and decipher them 
       instead as the passcodes to an imminent global turn. For 
       this, one must return to the amorphous outlook of "the 
       marauder" or "the wanderer." This book, then, aims to 
       devise an ever-expanding configuration of radical outsides
       : i.e. elemental fronts that lead to unforeseen 
       principles; alternative profiles of experience (intense 
       becomings); incendiary, ominous, or vitalistic signs in 
       circulation across the epochal horizon. 
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