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100 1  Pillai, Anand Balachandran,|eauthor. 
245 10 Software architecture with Python :|bdesign and architect 
       highly scalable, robust, clean, and high performance 
       applications in Python /|cAnand Balachandran Pillai. 
264  1 Birmingham, UK :|bPackt Publishing,|c2017. 
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500    Includes index. 
520 8  Architect and design highly scalable, robust, clean, and 
       highly performant applications in Python About This Book 
       Identify design issues and make the necessary adjustments 
       to achieve improved performance Understand practical 
       architectural quality attributes from the perspective of a
       practicing engineer and architect using Python Gain 
       knowledge of architectural principles and how they can be 
       used to provide accountability and rationale for 
       architectural decisions Who This Book Is For This book is 
       for experienced Python developers who are aspiring to 
       become the architects of enterprise-grade applications or 
       software architects who would like to leverage Python to 
       create effective blueprints of applications. What You Will
       Learn Build programs with the right architectural 
       attributes Use Enterprise Architectural Patterns to solve 
       scalable problems on the Web Understand design patterns 
       from a Python perspective Optimize the performance testing
       tools in Python Deploy code in remote environments or on 
       the Cloud using Python Secure architecture applications in
       Python In Detail This book starts off by explaining how 
       Python fits into an application architecture. As you move 
       along, you will understand the architecturally significant
       demands and how to determine them. Later, you'll get a 
       complete understanding of the different architectural 
       quality requirements that help an architect to build a 
       product that satisfies business needs, such as 
       maintainability/reusability, testability, scalability, 
       performance, usability, and security. You will use various
       techniques such as incorporating DevOps, Continuous 
       Integration, and more to make your application robust. You
       will understand when and when not to use object 
       orientation in your applications. You will be able to 
       think of the future and design applications that can scale
       proportionally to the growing business. The focus is on 
       building the business logic based on the business process 
       documentation and which frameworks are to be used when. We
       also cover some important patterns that are to be taken 
       into account while solving design problems as well as 
       those in relatively new domains such as the Cloud. This 
       book will help you understand the ins and outs of Python 
       so that you can make those critical design decisions that 
       not just live up to but also surpass the expectations of 
       your clients. Style and approach Filled with examples and 
       use cases, this guide takes a no-nonsense approach to help
       you with everything it takes to become a successful 
       software architect. 
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       September 24, 2018) 
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