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111 2  International Conference on Virginia Woolf|n(20th :|d2010 
       :|cGeorgetown University) 
245 10 Virginia Woolf and the natural world :|bselected papers 
       from the twentieth annual international conference on 
       Virginia Woolf : Georgetown University, Georgetown, 
       Kentucky, 3-6 June, 2010 /|cedited by Kristin Czarnecki 
       and Carrie Rohman.|h[electronic resource]. 
264  1 Clemson, SC :|bClemson University Digital Press,|c2011. 
300    1 online resource (xii, 246 pages) :|bPDF file(s). 
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500    Title from publisher's bibliographic system (viewed on 11 
       Aug 2017). 
504    Includes bibliographical references at the end of each 
505 0  Introduction to Woolf and the natural world / Kristin 
       Czarnecki and Carrie Rohman -- Ecofeminism, holism, and 
       the search for natural order in Woolf / Bonnie Kime Scott 
       -- "We make life": Vibration, aesthetics, and the inhuman 
       in The waves / Carrie Rohman -- "The real world": Virginia
       Woolf and ecofeminism / Diana Swanson -- Virginia and 
       Leonard, as I remember them / Cecil Woolf -- "Everything 
       tended to set itself in a garden": Virginia Woolf's 
       literary and quotidian flowers: a bar-graphical approach /
       Elisa Kay Sparks -- Taking her fences: the equestrian 
       Virginia Woolf / Beth Rigel Daughterty -- The metaphysics 
       of flowers in The waves: Virginia Woolf's "seven-sided 
       flower" and Henri Bergson's Intuition / Laci Mattison -- 
       Crowding Clarissa's garden / Erin Penner -- The flesh of 
       citizenship: red flowers grew / Rachel Zlatkin -- The 
       besieged garden: nature in Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway 
       and Willa Cather's One of ours / Jane Lilienfeld -- 
       Virginia Woolf: natural olympian: swimming and diving as 
       metaphors for writing / Rebecca McNeer -- "This, I fancy, 
       must be the sea": Thalassic aesthetics in Virginia Woolf's
       writing / Patrizia Muscogiuri -- Wild swimming / Gill Lowe
       -- The Woolf, the horse, and the fox: recurrent motifs in 
       Jacob's room and Orlando / Vara Neverow -- The dogs that 
       therefore Woolf follows: some canine sources for A room of
       one's own in nature and art / Jane Goldman -- "The bird is
       the word": Virginia Woolf and W.H. Hudson, visionary 
       ornithologist / Diane Gillespie -- Evolution, history, and
       Flush; or, The origin of Spaniels / Jeanne Dubino -- 
       "Lappin and lapinova": a Woolf in hare's clothing? / 
       Kathryn Simpson -- "A certain hold on haddock and sausage"
       : dining well in Virginia Woolf's life and work / Alice 
       Lowe -- Moments of aging: revising Mother Nature in 
       Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway / Kate Sedon -- Homeless in
       nature: solitary trampling and shared errantry in Cornwall,
       1905 / Barbara Lonnquist -- "Walking over the bridge in a 
       willow pattern plate": Virginia Woolf and the exotic 
       landscapes / Xiaoqin Cao -- Mining with the head: Virginia
       Woolf, Henry David Thoreau, and exploring the self through
       nature / Diane Royer -- Virginia Woolf as mountaineer / 
       Catherine W. Hollis -- "It was an uncertain spring": 
       reading weather in The years / Verita Sriratana -- 
       Transforming nature: Orlando as elegy / Elise Swinford -- 
       "Nature, who has played so many queer tricks upon us": 
       digging granit and chasing rainbows with Virginia Woolf / 
       Derek Ryan -- Sundered waters: isolated consciousness and 
       ostensible communion in Woolf's narration / Dominic Scheck
       -- "To give the moment whole": the nature of time and 
       cosmic (comm) unity in Virginia Woolf's The waves / Emily 
       Hinnov -- Spengler's The decline of the West and 
       intellectual quackery: checking the climate with Leonard 
       Woolf and W.B. Yeats / Wayne Chapman -- Listening-in, 
       tuning out: Leonard Woolf's criticism of the BBC during 
       the 1930s / Luke Reader. 
520    Virginia Woolf and the Natural World is a compilation of 
       thirty-one essays presented at the twentieth annual 
       international conference on Virginia Woolf. This volume 
       explores Woolf's complex engagement with the natural world,
       an engagement that was as political as it was aesthetic. 
       The diversity of topics within this collection-ecofeminism,
       the nature of time, the nature of the self, nature and 
       sporting, botany, climate, and landscape, just to name a 
       few-fosters a deeper understanding of the nature of nature
       in Woolf's works. Contributors include Bonnie Kime Scott, 
       Carrie Rohman, Diana Swanson, Elisa Kay Sparks, Beth Rigel
       Daugherty, Jane Goldman, and Diane Gillespie, among many 
       others from the international community of Woolf scholars.
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600 10 Woolf, Virginia,|d1882-1941|xKnowledge|xNature
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650  0 Nature in literature|vCongresses. 
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655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2fast
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655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2lcgft 
700 1  Czarnecki, Kristin,|eeditor. 
700 1  Rohman, Carrie,|eeditor. 
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