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245 00 Samson and Delilah /|cVRT Cultuur voor, Canvas ; Saint-
       Saëns ; Willy Vanduren, director ; Omri Nitzan, Amir Nizar
       Zuabi, stage directors. 
264  1 [Place of publication not identified] :|bVRT Cultuur voor 
264  4 |c©2009 
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511 0  Torsten Kerl, Marianna Tarasova, Nicola Mijalovič, Milcho 
       Borovinov, Tijl Faveyts, Thorsten Büttner, Onno Pels, Gijs 
       Van der Linden ; Choir of Flanders Opera ; Symphonic 
       Orchestra of Flanders Opera ; Tomáš Netopil, conductor. 
518    |oRecorded|d2009|pFlanders Opera, Andwerp, Belgium. 
520    Staged by Vlaamse Opera in Antwerp in 2009, Saint-Saëns' 
       opera Samson et Dalila -- a story of doomed love set 
       against the backdrop of cultural conflict between Hebrews 
       and Philistines -- is re-located in this production to the
       contemporary Middle East. The two directors, Israeli Omri 
       Nizar Zuabi, explore the tensions between different 
       nations and religions, and the complex relationship 
       between the oppressors and the oppressed. "In our approach
       to this opera we tried to move away from the quasi-
       biblical interpretation, and to place the story in today's
       world to explain its political aspects better," say the 
       two directors. "Acts of terror by a state will lead to 
       acts of terror against a state, which in turn will lead to
       more terror by the state and this completes the vicious 
       circle." Performed by the Symphony Orchestra and Choir of 
       Vlaamse Opera Antwerp/Ghent under the baton of Czech 
       conductor Tomáš Netopil, Samson is sung by the young 
       German tenor Torsten Kerl and Dalila by the Russian mezzo-
       soprano Marianna Tarasova. The kaleidoscopic colours of 
       the music are brought out with sensitivity and lyricism by
       the orchestra and singers, unfolding the dramatic story in
       all its tragic beauty. At the very beginning, Samson et 
       Dalila was supposed to be an oratorio, written after the 
       bible. It was not until his ideas were well developed that
       he was persuaded instead to turn the oratorio into an 
       opera. In 1877, Franz Liszt arranged for the world 
       premiere to be staged at Weimar, Germany. The opera was 
       not performed in France until 1890 (in Rouen), and it 
       finally reached the Paris Opera in 1892 only. There, it 
       was played over five hundred times during the following 
       thirty years. 
546    Sung in French; English subtitles. 
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700 1  Kerl, Torsten,|esinger. 
700 1  Tarasova, Marianna,|esinger. 
700 1  Mijailovic, Nikola,|esinger. 
700 1  Borovinov, Milcho,|esinger. 
700 1  Faveyts, Tijl,|esinger. 
700 1  Büttner, Thorsten,|esinger. 
700 1  Pels, Onno,|esinger. 
700 1  Van der Linden, Gijs,|esinger. 
700 1  Netopil, Tomáš,|d1977-|econductor. 
700 1  Vanduren, Willy,|efilm director. 
700 1  Nitzan, Omri,|estage director. 
700 1  Zuabi, Amir Nizar,|estage director. 
710 2  Vlaamse Opera.|bKoor,|esinger. 
710 2  Vlaamse Opera.|bSymfonisch Orkest,|einstrumentalist. 
710 2  Vlaamse Radio en Televisieomroep,|eproduction company. 
710 2  Canvas (Television station : Belgium),|eproduction 
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