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100 1  Wagemakers, Joas,|d1979-|0
245 12 A Quietist Jihadi :|bthe Ideology and Influence of Abu 
       Muhammad al-Maqdisi. 
264  1 Cambridge :|bCambridge University Press,|c2012. 
300    1 online resource (316 pages) 
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347    text file|2rdaft 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Cover; A Quietist Jihadi; Title; Copyright; Contents; 
       Preface; Acknowledgements; Glossary; Note on 
       Transliteration; Introduction; The Salafi Ideological 
       Basis; Defining Salafism; The Roots of Salafism; Labelling
       Salafism; The Development of Radical Islam; The Muslim 
       Brotherhood and Its Heirs; The Spread of Wahhabism; The 
       'Afghan Arab' Phenomenon; The Gulf War and Beyond; Jihadi-
       Salafi Ideologues; Theoretical Framework, Methodology and 
       Sources; Framing; Methodology; Sources; Overview; PART I: 
       SPECTRUM, 1959-2009. 
505 8  1: Wavering between Quietism and JihadismAl-Maqdisi's 
       Childhood Years; Growing up in Kuwait; Becoming a Quietist
       Jihadi-Salafi; Sowing the Seeds of Salafism; Studying in 
       Saudi Arabia; From Kuwait to Peshawar and Back; Al-
       Maqdisi's Troubled Relationship with al-Zarqawi; Al-
       Maqdisi's Arrival in Jordan; The Prison Years, 1994-1999; 
       In and Out of Prison; 2: Al-Maqdisi's Quietist Jihadi-
       Salafi 'Aqīda; Classical Jihad; Jihad in the Qurān; Jihad 
       in Islamic Law; Al-Maqdisi and Classical Jihad; Turning 
       Jihad against Muslim Rulers; Justifying Jihad against 
       Muslim Rulers. 
505 8  The Debate over Takfir of Muslim Rulers Al-Maqdisis Views 
       on Jihad against Muslim Rulers; Global Jihad; Fighting the
       'Far Enemy'; Al-Maqdisi on Global Jihad; 3: Al-Maqdisis 
       Quietist Jihadi-Salafi Manhaj; Dawa or Jihad?; Quietists' 
       Manhaj; Al-Maqdisis Two-Pronged Approach; Jihad Strategy; 
       Jihadi-Salafi Views on Jihad Strategy; Al-Maqdisis Jihad 
       Strategy; Targets of Jihad; Modern Scholars on 
       Indiscriminate Violence; Al-Maqdisi on Indiscriminate 
       ISLAMIC OPPOSITION, 1989-2005; 4: Saudi Arabia's Post-Gulf
       War Opposition. 
505 8  Wahhabism and the Saudi SystemWahhabi Resistance to the 
       Saudi Regime; The Gulf War; Al-Maqdisi's Framing of Saudi 
       Arabia; Judging Saudi Arabia on Its Religious Credentials;
       Saudi Arabia as a Kufr State; Al-Maqdisis Influence on 
       Saudi Arabias Post-Gulf War Opposition; Spreading al-
       Maqdisis Writings; The Scope of al-Maqdisis Influence; 
       Explaining al-Maqdisis Influence; Core Framing Tasks; 
       Cognitive Liberation; 5: Al-Qaida on the Arabian 
       Peninsula; The Rise of al-Qaida on the Arabian Peninsula 
       (QAP); Bayt Shubrā; From the Riyadh Bombing to the QAP 
       Campaign; Adopting al-Maqdisis Frame. 
505 8  Framing QAPs ; Jihad reframing QAPS Jihad ; A Wahhabi to 
       the Wahhabis: explaining al-Maqdisis influence; Conditions
       for frame alignment ; Al-Maqdisis frame resonance -- Part 
       III. Al-Maqdisis's influence on the development of al-walā
       wa-l-barā, 1984-2009 ; 6: The revival of al-Istiāna bi-I-
       iKuffār; From Jāhilyya to Wahhābiyya: the development of 
       al-Walā wa-I-Barā ; Al-Walā wa-I-Barā in Salafi writings ;
       Al-Istiāna bi-I-Kuffaēr in Nineteenth-Century Arabia ; 
       Reframing al-Istiāna bi-I-Kuffār ; Al-Maydisis 
       reintroduction of al-Istiāna bi-I-Kuffār ; The Whhabi 
       rediscovery of al-Istiāna bi-I-Kuffar. 
520    A groundbreaking assessment of the life and ideology of 
       Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, one of the most influential 
       radical Muslim thinkers alive today. 
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       Collection - North America 
600 10 Maqdisī, Abū Muḥammad,|d1959-|0
600 17 Maqdisī, Abū Muḥammad,|d1959-|2fast|0https:// 
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655  4 Electronic books. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aWagemakers, Joas.|tA Quietist Jihadi : 
       The Ideology and Influence of Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi.
       |dCambridge : Cambridge University Press, ©2012
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