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Conference International Conference on Electro-Rheological Fluids and Magneto-Rheological Suspensions (8th : 2001 : Nice, France)

Title Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference: Electrorheological Fluids and Magnetorheological Suspensions : Nice, France, 9-13 July 2001 / [edited by] G. Bossis.

Imprint New Jersey ; London : World Scientific, ©2002.

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Description 1 online resource (xx, 884 pages) : illustrations
Note "The Conference started with two memorial lectures in the honor of the pioneers of electrorheology, W. Winslow and of magnetorheology, J. Rabinow, who both died recently"--Preface.
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index.
Contents I. Applications. Multiple application of magnetorheological effect in high precision finishing / W. Kordonski and A. Don Golini -- New microscopic polishing with magnetic compound fluid (MCF) / K. Shimada [and others] -- Impact of droplets of magneto-rheological suspension under applied magnetic fields / S. Sudo, M. Funaoka and H. Nishiyama -- Caster-walker with intelligent brakes employing ER fluid composed of liquid crystalline polysiloxane / A. Inoue, U. Ryu and S. Nishimura -- Lyapunov-based control of a bridge using magneto-rheological fluid dampers / X. Wang and F. Gordaninejad -- Industrial benefits of ERF-technology (A development report from the industry) / D. Adams and L. Johnston -- Vibration isolation of structural systems using squeeze mode ER mount / S.R. Hong [and others] -- The rheological characteristics of electrorheological fluids in dynamic squeeze / A.K. El Wahed and J.L. Sproston -- Development of ER brake and its application to passive force display / J. Furusho [and others] -- What makes a good MR fluid? / J. David Carlson -- Study on the vibration attenuation of a driver seat using an MR fluid damper / Y. Lee and D. Jeon -- Electrorheological damper analysis using an eyring constitutive relationship / L. Bitman, Y.-T. Choi and N.M. Wereley -- Investigation of dynamic properties and control method influences on MR fluid dampers performance / A. Milecki, A. Myszkowski and D. Sedziak -- Design of the electrorheological shock absorber / S. Zhang and M. Li -- Fundamental tribology: ESF / W.A. Bullough [and others] -- Heat transfer from an ESF radial plate clutch surface / D.J. Ellam, W.A. Bullough and V. Oravsky -- Vibration control of a helicopter tail landing gear system using electrorheological and magnetorheological shock struts / Y.-T. Choi and N.M. Wereley -- Electro-structured fluid seals / R.J. Atkin, D.J. Ellam and W.A. Bullough -- Experimental investigations of the effects of electrode geometry on the performance of electrorheological fluid valves / G. Georgiades and S.O. Oyadiji -- Controlling tube vibrations using electrorheological fluids / S.O. Oyadiji -- Nontraditional ERF-based devices and technologies / E.V. Korobko -- Embolization of blood vessels as a cancer therapy using magnetorheological fluids / G.A. Flores and J. Liu -- Impedance control of a one shaft-type clutch using homogeneous electrorheological fluid / T. Nakamura, N. Saga and M. Nakazawa -- Evaluation of magnetorheological suspension in a shock absorber and in a magnetorheometer / A.J.F. Bombard, M. Knobel and I. Joekes -- Electrostriction effect in solid-state electro-rheological composites for sensing applications / G.H. Kim and Y.M. Shkel -- ER effects of liquid crystalline polymers on one-sided pattern electrodes / N. Takesue, J. Furusho and M. Sakaguchi -- A study on the performance estimation on semi-active suspension system considering the response time of electro-rheological fluid / M.S. Yeo, H.G. Lee and M.C. Kim.
Comparative analysis of the time response of electro-rheological and magnetorheological dampers using nondimensional parameters / Y.-T. Choi and N.M. Wereley -- A bearing application using magnetorheological fluids / A. Agrawal [and others] -- Study of the behavior of MR fluids in squeeze, torsional and valve modes / P. Kulkarni [and others] -- Electric power and efficiency under A.C. electric field on a rotating device of disk type with suspension-type electrorheological fluid / K. Shimada, H. Nishida and Y. Akagami -- Torque and current density on a rotating device of disk type under a.c. electric field with suspension type electrorheological fluid / K. Shimada and H. Nishida -- Three-ports micro ER valve for ER suspension fabricated by photolithography / M. Nakano [and others] -- Electrorheological semi-active damper/polyaniline based ER system / J.W. Kim [and others] -- Using of ferromagnetic particles suspension as controllable dissipative environment / V.G. Bashtovoi, D.N. Kabachnikov and G. Bossis -- Semiactive vibration control of a smart seat with an mr fluid damper considering its time delay / C. Park and D. Jeon -- Thermal effects of a homogeneous ER fluid device / T. Nakamura, N. Saga and M. Nakazawa -- Performance analysis of smart impact damper system using Herschel-Bulkley model / D.-Y. Lee, Y.-T. Choi and N.M. Wereley -- Numerical simulation of MR fluids damping characteristics using modified Bingham model / H. Nishiyama, S. Fushimi and M. Nakano -- Electrosensitive fluids in acoustic devices / A.S. Rubanov and A.O. Karabko -- Electronics and mechanics -- A balance act in ERF-applications / L. Johnston, H. Rosenfeldt and M. Kramer -- Design of a high-efficiency magnetorheological valve / J.-H. Yoo and N.M. Wereley -- Active control of rod vibrations, using magnetic fluids / Z. Wang [and others] -- Performance evaluation of er shock damper subjected to impulse excitation / H.J. Song [and others] -- Vibration control evaluation of a commercial vehicle featuring MR seat damper / M.H. Nam [and others] -- MR inserts for shock wave reduction in warship structures / J.K. Rim [and others] -- Vibration control of a wire cut discharge machine using ER brake actuator / K.S. Rim, S.B. Choi and M.S. Cho -- A simple one dimension robot joint based on the ER linear reversing mechanism / R.P. Tan [and others] -- II. Microstructures. Structures in magnetic suspension submitted to unidirectional and rotating field / P. Carletto, G. Bossis and A. Cebers -- Lamellar structures induced by coupled electro-magnetic and shear fields: a defining character of ER/MR activity / S. Henley and F.E. Filisko -- Chain rotational dynamics in MR suspension / S. Melle [and others] -- The interaction between electrorheological particles in A.C. electric field studied using optical tweezers / J. Xu [and others] -- Magnetic interactions of chains formed by ferro-magnetic spheres / S. Lacis, F. Zavickis and G. Bossis.
Particle dynamics of structure formation and disintegration in a model magnetorheological fluid / S. Gutillas and J. Liu -- Short time dynamic structure formation of carbon-doped TI0[symbol] ER fluids with different conductivity using diffusing wave spectroscopy / L.F. Zhang [and others] -- Monodisperse colloidal suspensions of Silica and PMMA spheres as model electrorheological fluids: a real-space study of structure formation / A. Yethiraj and A. Van Blaaderen -- Polarization of non-equilibrium double layer and agglomeration of polyelectrolyte balls / A. Cebers and I. Rubinstein -- Electric-field-induced lamellar structures in magnetic fluids -- a 2D diffusion model / B. Riley [and others] -- Hexagon-stripe transition at the magnetic field induced phase transformations of the magnetorheological suspensions / A. Cebers -- Equilibrium patterns of chain clusters composed of ferromagnetic particles in an external magnetic field / T. Ukai, T. Maekawa and H. Morimoto -- Field induced phase transition for suspension of monosized spheres / S. Men [and others] -- Relationship between chain structures and viscosity in the magneto-rheological suspensions stable dispersing different concentration of iron particles with smectite / A. Shibayama [and others] -- III. Material properties. Effect of rare earth substitution on electrorheological properties of TI0[symbol] / X.P. Zhao [and others] -- Electrorheological effect in suspensions Agl/Ag[symbol]0/V[symbol]05/P[symbol]0[symbol] glasses / M. Osuchowski and J. Plocharski -- Chain behavior in model homogenous ER fluids depending on temperature / H. Okamura [and others] -- Behavior of magnetorheological fluids utilizing nanopowder iron / N. Rosenfeld [and others] -- Protein-F[symbol] MR fluid and its properties / L. Hu, S. Cai and C. Zhang -- Electro-magnetorheological fluids dispersing zeolite particles containing iron / A. Shibayama [and others] -- Magnetostrictive phenomena in magnetorheological elastomers / J.M. Ginder [and others] -- Compressive modulus of ferrite containing polymers gels / T. Mitsumata [and others] -- The dynamics of magnetorheological elastomers studied by synchroton radiation speckle analysis / W.F. Shlotter [and others] -- Electroviscoelastic properties in ER gel of disperse system under dc electric field / R. Hanaoka [and others] -- Soft gels with ordered iron particles: fabrication and electrorheological response / Y. An, B. Liu and M.T. Shaw -- Field dependence of viscoelestic properties of MR elastomers / C. Bellan and G. Bossis -- Isotropic magnetorheological nitrile rubbers with large iron particles / M. Lokander and B. Stenberg -- A new organic/inorganic hybrid with high electrorheological activity / X.P. Zhao and X. Duan -- Influence of surfactants on properties of electro-rheological fluids containing polyaniline / M. Bocinska [and others] -- Reversibility of the ER effect in immiscible liquid blends / S. Yamamoto [and others].
Electric-field response of the structure and rheological property of silicone/polyether blends / K. Minagawa [and others] -- Novel electrorheological materials with ternary blends containing polyethers and urethanes / K. Minagawa [and others] -- ER response of silicone gel containing dielectric particles / J. Koide [and others] -- Synthesis and electrorheology of phosphate cellulose suspensions / J.W. Kim [and others] -- Effect of surface modification of colloidal silica on electrorheological properties / C. Gehin and J. Persello -- Electrorheology of amine dispersant coated chitosan phosphate suspension / U.S. Choi and Y.-G. Ko -- Electrorheological behavior of chitosan dicarboxylate suspensions / U.S. Choi and Y.-G. Ko -- Electrorheology of polyaniline-coated poly(methyl-methacrylate) microsphere suspensions in silicone oil / H.J. Choi [and others] -- Synthesis and electrorheology of mesoporous particle suspensions / H.J. Choi, M.S. Cho and W.S. Ahn -- Electrorheological behaviors of polyaniline-montmorillonite clay nanocomposite / J. Lu and X. Zhao -- IV. Physical mechanisms. Electric-field induced formation of superconducting granular balls / R. Too, X. Xu and Y.C. Lan -- Granular flow in the presence of an electric field / K. Lu [and others] -- The contribution of columnar structure to the stress in ER polymeric blends in a shear flow / P. Riha [and others] -- Effects of shape and size of dispersoid on electrorheology / A. Kawai, K. Uchida and F. Ikazaki -- ER properties and flow induced microstructures of an ER fluid between two parallel disk electrodes in squeeze flow mode / M. Nakano and T. Nagata -- The significance of flow-modified permittivity: a new model and computer simulation of electrorheology / Y. Hu, E.-Y.E. Lin and U.M. Dassanayake -- ER effect of liquid crystal flowing between two parallel-plate electrodes / T. Tsukiji and S. Tanabe -- Effect of magnetic hysteresis of the solid phase on the rheological properties of MR fluids / J. De Vicente [and others] -- Rheological and dielectric characterization of electrorheological fluids composed of both dispersed particles and liquid drops in dielectric medium / L. Rejon, L. Garcia and O. Manero -- Optical attenuation in a magnetic fluid film under perpendicular magnetic fields / C.-Y. Hong [and others] -- Heat transfer from an esf radial plate clutch surface Part 2 -- Theory / V. Oravsky -- The uniform magnetic field influence on the magnetic fluid meniscus motion in the cylindrical capillary / V. Bashtovoi [and others] -- Relaxation theory for dynamic electrorheological effect / G.Q. Gu, K.W. Yu and P.M. Hui -- Flow modification induced by quincke rotation in a capillary / A. Cebers, E. Lemaire and L. Lobry -- Negative viscosity induced in a ferromagnetic colloidal system subjected to both external shear flow and AC magnetic fields / H. Morimoto and T. Maekawa.
Nonhomogeneous, nonlinear deformation of polymer gels swollen with magneto-rheological suspensions / D. Szabo and M. Zrinyi -- Structure-enhanced yield shear stress in electro-rheological fluids / R. Tao, Y.C. Lan and X. Xu -- Oscillatory convection in viscoelastic, ferromagnetic/dielectric liquids / P.G. Siddheshwar -- Characteristics of a yield stress scaling function for electrorheological fluids / H.J. Choi [and others] -- Multiscale analysis of electrorheological fluids / B. Vernescu -- Continuum modelling of electrorheological fluids / R. Drouot, G. Napoli and G. Racineux -- Stress relaxation of magnetorheological fluids / W.H. Li [and others] -- Role and nature of high field conduction of the suspending liquid in electrorheological fluids / P. Atten, J.N. Foulc and P. Gonon -- A two-fluid model for electro- and magnetorheological suspensions / K. Von Pfeil [and others] -- ER-fluid rheological properties in terms of the multi-particle model of a composite / Yu. G. Yanovsky [and others] -- Stress behavior and conductivity of the electro-rheological suspensions / K. Tanaka [and others] -- Determination of rheological and magnetic properties for magnetorheological composites via shear magnetization measurements / A.T. Horvath, D.J. Klingenberg and Y.M. Shkel -- Evolution of chain structure of electrorheological fluid in flow model / X.P. Zhao, X.Y. Gao and D.J. Gao -- Prediction of the dynamics of electrorheological fluids / L.B. Pompeo Neto, A.C.F. Arruda and S.L. Vieira -- Physical modeling of damping characteristics of MR fluids / J. Sarrazin, J. Claracq and J.-P. Montfort -- Dynamics of magnetic fluid-permanent magnet system subjected to vertical vibration / S. Sudo, K. Ise and T. Ikohagi -- Kinetics of electrorheological fluid spreading over a horizontal surface / V.I. Baykov and E.V. Korobko -- Mass losses of magnetized rheological mediums subjected to magnetic field / A.R. Baev and N.P. Matoussevitch -- Temperature dependence of MR fluids / W.H. Li [and others] -- Simulation of bidisperse magnetorheological fluids / D. Kittipoomwong, D.J. Klingenberg and J. . Ulicny -- A single-chain model for quasi-static shear stress-strain properties of magnetorheological fluids / Z. Jiang and K. Lu -- Surface shear stress enhancement under MR fluid deformation / S. Gorodkin, N. Zhuravski and W. Kordonski -- Comparative investigation on ER fluids with different polarization mechanisms / H. Böse and A. Trendler -- Magnetorheology of a milimetric steel spheres suspension / O. Volkova [and others] -- An experimental investigation on mechanical fatigue property of chemical starch-based ER fluids / H.G. Lee [and others] -- Rheological and Magnetorheological behavior of some magnetic fluids on polar and nonpolar carrier liquids / O. Balau [and others].
Summary This book contains up-to-date information on the state of the art of research and applications in electro- and magnetorheology. A total of 130 papers are presented in four sections. The first section is devoted to the various applications of ER and MR fluids, like polishing, microfluidics, vibration control, robots, shock absorbers and dampers, MR and ER valves. The second part deals with the experimental characterization as well as the theoretical prediction of the mesostructure resulting from field-induced phase separation. The dynamics of phase separation is also included in this section. The third section is about the material properties; it includes papers on new compositions of ER or MR fluids, polymer blends, magneto- or electroactive elastomers and gels. The last section, about physical mechanisms, presents experiments and theories on the rheology of the fluids and its connection with microhydrodynamics and the structure of field-induced aggregates.
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Subject Electrorheological fluids -- Congresses.
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Magnetic suspension -- Congresses.
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Nizza (2001)
Added Author Bossis, G. (Georges)
Winslow, Willins M., 1904-2000.
Rabinow, Jacob.
Added Title Electrorheological fluids and magnetorheological suspensions
Other Form: Print version: International Conference on Electro-Rheological Fluids and Magneto-Rheological Suspensions (8th : 2001 : Nice, France). Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference: Electrorheological Fluids and Magnetorheological Suspensions. New Jersey ; London : World Scientific, ©2002 9789810249373 (OCoLC)50746313
ISBN 9789812777546 (electronic bk.)
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