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245 00 Evolution and Contextual Behavioral Science :|ban 
       Integrated Framework for Understanding, Predicting, and 
       Influencing Human Behavior /|cedited by David Sloan Wilson
       and Steven C. Hays foreword by Anthony Biglan 
246 3  Evolution & contextual behavioral science 
260    Oakland :|bContext Press,|c2018. 
300    1 online resource (viii, 343 pages) 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
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338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical reference and index 
505 0  Foreword -- 1. Evolution and Contextual Behavioral Science
       / David Sloan Wilson, Steven C. Hayes -- Learning : 2. The
       Contextual Science of Learning: Integrating Behavioral and
       Evolution Science Within a Functional Approach / Michael 
       J. Dougher, Derek A. Hamilton -- 3. Classical and Operant 
       Conditioning: Evolutionarily Distinct Strategies? / Zohar 
       Z. Bronfman, Simona Ginsburg, Eva Jablonka -- Dialogue on 
       Learning / Participants: Michael J. Dougher, Derek A. 
       Hamilton, Steven C. Hayes, and Eva Jablonka -- Symbolic 
       Thought and Communication : 4. Symbolic Thought and 
       Communication from a Contextual Behavioral Science 
       Perspective / Dermot Barnes-Holmes, Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, 
       Ciara McEnteggart -- 5. Beneath Symbols: Convention as a 
       Semiotic Phenomenon . Terrence W. Deacon -- Dialogue on 
       Symbolic Thought and Communication / Participants: Dermot 
       Barnes-Holmes, Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, Terrence W. Deacon, 
       and Steven C. Hayes -- Development and Adolescence : 6. 
       The Evolutionary Basis of Risky Adolescent Behavior / 
       Bruce J. Ellis -- 7. Shaping DNA (Discoverer, Noticer, and
       Advisor): A Contextual Behavioral Science Approach to 
       Youth Intervention / Joseph Ciarrochi, Louise L. Hayes -- 
       Dialogue on Development and Adolescence / Participants: 
       Joseph Ciarrochi, Bruce J. Ellis, Louise L. Hayes, and 
       David Sloan Wilson -- Emotions and Empathy : 8. Situated 
       Empathy: Applying Contextualism to the Science of 
       Recognizing Other People's Emotions / Kibby McMahon, M. 
       Zachary Rosenthal -- 9. The Social and Contextual Nature 
       of Emotion: An Evolutionary Perspective / Lynn E. O'Connor,
       Jack W. Berry -- Dialogue on Emotions and Empathy / 
       Participants: Jack W. Berry, Steven C. Hayes, Kibby 
       McMahon, Lynn E. O'Connor, and M. Zachary Rosenthal -- 
       Organizational Development : 10. Relational Models, 
       Leadership, and Organization Design: An Evolutionary View 
       of Organizational Development / J.W. Stoelhorst, Mark van 
       Vugt -- 11. Organizational Flexibility: Creating a Mindful
       and Purpose-Driven Organization / Frank W. Bond -- 
       Dialogue on Organizational Development / Participants: 
       Frank W. Bond, J.W. Stoelhorst, Mark van Vugt, and David 
       Sloan Wilson -- Behavioral and Physical Health : 12. 
       Evolutionary Mismatch: A Framework for Understanding 
       Health and Disease in the Modern World--"Better Living 
       Through Evolution" / Aaron P. Blaisdell -- 13. Living Well
       as the First Medicine: Health and Wellness in the Modern 
       World / Kelly G. Wilson -- Dialogue on Behavioral and 
       Physical Health / Participants: Aaron P. Blaisdell, David 
       Sloan Wilson, Kelly G. Wilson -- Small Groups : 14. Small 
       Groups as Fundamental Units of Social Organization / David
       Sloan Wilson -- 15. Prososical: Using CBS to Build 
       Flexible, Healthy Relationships / Paul W.B. Atkins -- 
       Dialogue on Small Groups / Participants: Paul W.B. Atkins,
       Steven C. Hayes, David Sloan Wilson -- 16. Variation and 
       Selection in Psychopathology and Psychotherapy: The 
       Example of Psychological Inflexibility / Steven C. Hayes, 
       Jean-Louis Monestès -- Psychopathology and Behavior Change
       : 17. Reconciling the Tension Between Behavioral Change 
       and Stability / Renée A. Duckworth -- Dialogue on 
       Psychopathology and Behavior Change / Participants: Renée 
       Duckworth, Steven C. Hayes, Jean-Louis Monestès, David 
       Sloan Wilson -- 18. Evolution and Contextual Behavioral 
       Science: Where Are We and Where Are We Going? A Concluding
       Dialogue Between the Editors / Stevn C. Hayes, David Sloan
       Wilson -- Index. 
520    Contextual behavioral science seeks to understand the 
       behavior of individuals and groups in the context of their
       environments. Meanwhile, evolutionary science examines the
       effects that environmental selection pressures and 
       heritable variation have on all species. In Evolution and 
       Contextual Behavioral Science, two renowned experts in 
       these two fields argue why these schools of thought are 
       intrinsically linked, as well as why their reintegration--
       or, reunification--is essential. 
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590    eBooks on EBSCOhost|bEBSCO eBook Subscription Academic 
       Collection - North America 
650  0 Behaviorism (Psychology) 
655  4 Electronic books. 
700 1  Wilson, David Sloan. 
700 1  Hayes, Steven C. 
700 1  Biglan, Anthony. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aWilson, David Sloan.|tEvolution and 
       Contextual Behavioral Science : An Integrated Framework 
       for Understanding, Predicting, and Influencing Human 
       Behavior.|dOakland : Context Press, ©2018|z9781626259133 
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