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245 00 Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation :|bthe search for 
       optimal motivation and performance /|cedited by Carol 
       Sansone, Judith M. Harackiewicz. 
260    San Diego :|bAcademic Press,|c©2000. 
300    1 online resource (xix, 489 pages) :|billustrations. 
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490 1  Educational psychology series 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  C. Sansone and J.M. Harackiewicz, Looking Beyond Rewards: 
       The Problem and Promise of Intrinsic Motivation. -- Are 
       the Costs of Rewards Still Hidden: A New Look at an Old 
       Debate: -- R.M. Ryan and E.L. Deci, When Rewards Compete 
       with Nature: The Undermining of Intrinsic Motivation and 
       Self-Regulation. -- B.A. Hennessey, Rewards and 
       Creativity. -- J.M. Harackiewicz and C. Sansone, Rewarding
       Competence: The Importance of Goals in the Study of 
       Intrinsic Motivation. -- J.Y. Shah and A.W. Kruglanski, 
       The Structure and Substance of Intrinsic Motivation. -- A 
       New Debate: Hidden Costs (and Benefits) of Achievement 
       Goals: -- D.C. Molden and C.S. Dweck, Meaning and 
       Motivation. -- R. Butler, What Learners Want to Know: The 
       Role of Achievement Goals in Shaping Information Seeking, 
       Learning, and Interest. -- E.A. Linnenbrink and P.R. 
       Pintrich, Multiple Pathways to Learning and Achievement: 
       The Role of Goal Orientation in Fostering Adaptive 
       Motivation, Affect, and Cognition. -- K.E. Barron and J.M.
       Harackiewicz, Achievement Goals and Optimal Motivation: A 
       Multiple Goals Approach. -- The Role of Interest in 
       Learning and Self-Regulation: "Extrinsic" versus 
       "Intrinsic" Motivation Reconsidered: -- M.R. Lepper and J.
       Henderlong, Turning "Play" Into "Work" and "Work" Into 
       "Play": 25 Years of Research on Intrinsic Versus Extrinsic
       Motivation. -- S. Hidi, An Interest Researcher's 
       Perspective: The Effects of Extrinsic and Intrinsic 
       Factors on Motivation. -- C. Sansone and J.L. Smith, 
       Interest and Self-Regulation: The Relation Between Having 
       to and Wanting to. -- K.A. Renninger, Individual Interest 
       and its Implications for Understanding Intrinsic 
       Motivation. -- J.E. Jacobs and J.S. Eccles, Parents, Task 
       Values, and Real-Life Achievement-Related Choices. -- Part
       4: Conclusion: -- C. Sansone and J.M. Harackiewicz, 
       Controversies and New Directions -- is it Deja Vu All Over
       Again? -- Index. 
520    In understanding human behavior, psychologists have long 
       been interested in what motivates specific actions. 
       Debates have pitted extrinsic motivators (e.g. rewards/
       punishment) against intrinsic motivation in attempting to 
       determine what best motivates individuals. This book 
       provides a summary view of what research has determined 
       about both extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, and 
       clarifies what questions remain unanswered. Divided into 
       three sections, section I revisits the debate about the 
       effects of extrinsic incentives or constraints on 
       intrinsic motivation and creativity, and identifies 
       theoretical advances in motivational research. Section II 
       focuses on the hidden costs and benefits of different 
       types of achievement goals on motivation and performance. 
       Section III discusses theory and research findings on how 
       extrinsic and intrinsic motivators may work in everyday 
       life and over time. This book is of interest to 
       researchers in psychology, education, and business, as 
       well as to a wider audience interested in promoting 
       optimal motivation and performance. Coverage in this book 
       includes: debates and controversies in motivational 
       research; developmental nature of intrinsic and extrinsic 
       motivation over time; influences of parents, educators, 
       and employers in facilitating motivation; effect of 
       achievement goals on learning and performance; the role of
       intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in self-regulation. Key
       features: brings together major figures in the fields of 
       motivation, education, and social psychology; provides a 
       mix of theory, basic and applied research; presents 
       research conducted both in laboratories and educational 
       settings; comprehensive chapters provide excellent reviews
       of previous literature as well as outlines important new 
       directions; and provides different perspectives on 
       controversial debates in a balanced, constructive manner. 
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700 1  Sansone, Carol. 
700 1  Harackiewicz, Judith M. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|tIntrinsic and extrinsic motivation.|dSan
       Diego : Academic Press, ©2000|z0126190704|w(DLC)   
830  0 Educational psychology. 
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