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020    9780231153447 (cloth : acid-free paper) 
020    0231153449 (cloth : acid-free paper) 
020    9780231526920 (e-book) 
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035    572949 
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050 00 TX541|b.K55 2012 
082 00 664/.07|223 
090    TX541 .K55 2012 
245 04 The kitchen as laboratory :|breflections on the science of
       food and cooking /|cedited by César Vega, Job Ubbink, and 
       Erik van der Linden ; foreword by Jeffrey Steingarten. 
260    New York :|bColumbia University Press,|cc2012. 
300    xx, 312 p. :|bill. ;|c25 cm. 
490 1  Arts and traditions of the table 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |gIntroduction:|tThe case for science inspired by the 
       kitchen /|rCésar Vega, Job Ubbink, and Erik van der Linden
       --|tThe science of a grilled cheese sandwich /|rJennifer 
       Kimmel --|tSound appeal /|rMalcolm Povey --|tMediterranean
       sponge cake /|rCristina de Lorenzo and Sergio Laguarda --
       |tSpherification : faux caviar and skinless ravioli /
       |rCésar Vega and Pere Castells --|tKonjac dondurma : 
       designing a sustainable and stretchable "fox testicle" ice
       cream /|rArielle Johnson, Kent Kirshenbaum, and Anne E. 
       McBride --|tStretchy textures in the kitchen : insights 
       from salep dondurma /|rTim J. Foster --|tMoussaka as an 
       introduction to food chemistry /|rChristos Ritzoulis --
       |tThe sticky science of Malaysian dodol /|rAlias A. Karim 
       and Rajeev Bhat --|tThe perfect cookie dough /|rAki 
       Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot --|tTo bloom or not to 
       bloom /|rAmelia Frazier and Richard Hartel --|tBacon : the
       slice of life /|rTimothy Knight --|tScandinavian "sushi" :
       the raw story /|rPia Snitkjær and Louise M. Mortensen --
       |tMaximizing food flavor by speeding up the Maillard 
       reaction /|rMartin Lersch --|tLighten up : the role of 
       gases in the culinary experience /|rMatt Golding --|tThe 
       meringue concept and its variations /|rPeter Wierenga ... 
       [et al.] --|tWhy does cold milk foam better? : into the 
       nature of milk foam /|rJulia Maldonado-Valderrama, Peter 
       J. Wilde, and María J. Gálvez-Ruiz --|tIce cream unlimited
       : the possibilities of ingredient pairing /|rElke Scholten
       and Miriam Peters --|tEgg yolk : a library of textures /
       |rCésar Vega --|tKetchup as tasty soft matter : the case 
       of xanthan gum /|rThomas Vilgis --|tTaste and mouthfeel of
       soups and sauces /|rJohn R. Mitchell --|tPlaying with 
       sound : crispy crusts /|rPaula Varela and Susana Fiszman -
       -|tBaked Alaska and frozen Florida : on the physics of 
       heat transfer /|rAdam Burbidge --|tOn superb crackling 
       duck skin : an homage to Nicholas Kurti /|rChristopher 
       Young and Nathan Myhrvold --|tSweet physics : sugar, sugar
       blends, and sugar glasses /|rNatalie Russ and Thomas 
       Vilgis --|tCoffee, please, but no bitters /|rJan 
       Groenewold and Eke Mariën --|tTurning waste into wealth : 
       on bones, stocks, and sauce reductions /|rJob Ubbink --
       |tRestructuring pig trotters : fine chemistry supporting 
       the creative culinary process /|rJorge Ruiz and Julia 
       Calvarro --|tInnovate : old world pizza crust with new 
       world ingredients /|rThomas M. Tongue Jr. --|tEating is 
       believing /|rLine Holler Mielby and Michael Bom Frøst --
       |tMolecular gastronomy is a scientific activity /|rHervé 
       This --|tThe pleasure of eating : the integration of 
       multiple senses /|rJuan-Carlos Arboleya ... [et al.] --
       |tOn the fallacy of cooking from scratch /|rCésar Vega and
       David J. McClements --|tScience and cooking : looking 
       beyond the trends to apply a personal, practical approach 
       /|rMichael Laiskonis. 
650  0 Food|xAnalysis. 
650  0 Food|xComposition. 
650  0 Cooking. 
700 1  Vega, César. 
700 1  Ubbink, Job. 
700 1  Linden, Erik van der. 
830  0 Arts and traditions of the table. 
935    572949 
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948    |d20161019|clti|tlti-aup163 
994    C0|bRID 
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