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245 00 Cornbread Nation.|n7,|pThe best of Southern food writing.
       |n7 /|cedited by Francis Lam. 
260    Athens :|bUniversity of Georgia Press,|c2014. 
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504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 0  Introduction / Francis Lam -- Come in and stay awhile -- 
       We Waited as Long as We Could / Daniel Patterson -- 
       Restaurant / Susan Orlean -- Stuffed, Smothered, Z'herbes 
       / Sara Roahen -- What I Cook Is Who I Am / Edward Lee -- 
       God Has Assholes for Children / Eddie Huang -- You Have to
       Fall in Love with Your Pot / As told to Sara Wood by Ida 
       MaMusu -- Around the World in Eight Shops / Kathleen 
       Purvis -- That's Your Country / As told to Sara Wood by 
       Argentina Ortega -- Friends and Families / Nikki Metzgar -
       - The Perfect Chef / Todd Kliman -- Provisions and 
       providers -- Nature's Spoils / Burkhard Bilger -- I Had a 
       Farm in Atlanta / John T. Edge -- The Price of Tomatoes / 
       Barry Estabrook -- Working in the Shadows / Gabriel 
       Thompson -- The Celebrity Shepherd / Besha Rodell -- The 
       Triumph of Jamie Oliver's "Nemesis" / Jane Black -- 
       Grabbing Dinner / Bill Heavey -- Hogzilla / Dan Baum -- A 
       Taste for the Hunt / Jonathan Miles -- Eat Dessert First /
       Robb Walsh -- Anyone and Everyone Is Welcome / As told to 
       Francis Lam by Sue Nguyen -- Five ways of looking at 
       Southern food -- The Great Leveler / Julia Reed -- The 
       Post-Husk Era / Robert Moss -- Ode to Gumbo / Kevin Young 
       -- Mother Corn and the Dixie Pig: Native Food in the 
       Native South / Rayna Green -- Every Ounce a Man's Whiskey?
       Bourbon in the White Masculine South / Seán McKeithan -- 
       The South, stepping out -- When the Queso Dripped Like 
       Honey / Sarah Hepola -- Willie Mae Seaton Takes New York /
       Lolis Eric Elie -- Mississippi Chinese Lady Goes Home to 
       Korea / Ann Taylor Pittman -- An Oyster Named Dan / Jack 
       Pendarvis -- Coconut: The Queen of Cakes / Jeffrey 
       Steingarten -- The Vicksburg Lebanese Supper / As told to 
       Amy Evans by Mary Louise Nosser -- Soul Food? What Is 
       That? / Langston Hughes -- We Shall Not Be Moved / Jessica
       B. Harris -- Fixing on the Next Star / Patricia Smith -- 
       The Brixton: It's New, Happening, and Another Example of 
       African American Historical "Swagger-Jacking" / Stephen A.
       Crockett Jr. -- Southerners going home -- I Placed a Jar 
       in Tennessee / John Jeremiah Sullivan -- A Love Letter to 
       North Carolina's Red Bridges Barbecue / Monique Truong -- 
       The Missing Link: Donald Link Opens Second Cochon in 
       Lafayette / Brett Anderson -- Of Pepperoni Rolls and Soup 
       Beans: On What It Might Mean to Eat like a West Virginian 
       / Courtney Balestier -- Pasquale's Hot Tamales / As told 
       to Amy Evans by Joe St. Columbia -- cutting greens / 
       Lucille Clifton -- Remembering Pitmaster Ricky Parker / 
       Joe York -- Grace / Jake Adam York -- Contributors -- 
520    How does Southern food look from the outside? The form is 
       caught in constantly dueling stereotypes: It's so often 
       imagined as either the touchingly down-home feast or the 
       heartstopping health scourge of a nation. But as any 
       Southern transplant will tell you once they've spent time 
       in the region, Southerners share their lives in food, with
       a complex mix of stories of belonging and not belonging 
       and of traditions that form identities of many kinds. 
       Cornbread Nation 7, edited by Francis Lam, brings together
       the best Southern food writing from recent years, 
       including well-known food writers such as Sara Roahen and 
       Brett Anderson, a couple of classic writers such as 
       Langston Hughes, and some newcomers. The collection, 
       divided into five sections ("Come In and Stay Awhile," 
       "Provisions and Providers," "Five Ways of Looking at 
       Southern Food," "The South, Stepping Out," and 
       "Southerners Going Home"), tells the stories both of 
       Southerners as they move through the world and of those 
       who ended up in the South. It explores from where and from
       whom food comes, and it looks at what food means to 
       culture and how it relates to home. 
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700 1  Lam, Francis,|eeditor. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aLam, Francis.|tCornbread Nation 7.
       |dUniversity of Georgia Press 2014|z1306571421 
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