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001    310060 
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035    (OCoLC)oca06432586 
035    (DLC)no2004084497 
040    OOC|beng|erda|cOOC|dDLC 
100 1  Bedyngham, John,|d-1459?|tMon seul plaisir 
400 1  Bedyngham, John,|d-1459?|tMi verry joy 
400 1  Bedyngham, John,|d-1459?|tMi verry joy and most parfit 
400 1  Bedyngham, John,|d-1459?|tMon seul plaisir, ma doulce joy 
400 1  |wnnea|aBedyngham, John,|dd. 1459?|tMon seul plaisir 
670    Clerks' Group. Brussels 5557 [SR] p1999:|blabel (Mi verry 
       joy / Bedyngham) insert (under the title Mon seul plaisir 
       attrib. to Dufay; rondeau) 
670    New Grove, 2nd ed. WWW site, Sept. 1, 2004|b(Rondeaux: Mon
       seul plaisir, 3vv; also ascribed Du Fay, but probably by 
       Bedyngham; under texts: Mi verry ioy and most parfit 
       plesere, possible orig. Eng. version of Mon seul plaisir) 
670    Two mid-fifteenth-century English songs, c1977:|bcover (Mi
       verry joy / poem by Charles d'Orléans ; music by John 
       Bedyngham) p. 8 (music for this song appears with the 
       French rondeau text Mon seul plaisir in 14 mss.; ascribed 
       to Dufay in one source, but generally agreed to be by 
       Bedyngham; some believe the English text is the original) 
670    Fallows, D. A cat. of polyphonic songs, 1415-1480, c1999:
       |bp. 59 (Mi verry joy and most parfit plesere (possible 
       orig. English poem)) p. 285-6 (Mon seul plaisir ma doulce 
       joye; by Bedyngham or Dufay; music may have been composed 
       for English version of the poem, Mi verry joy)