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LEADER 00000cz  a2200277n  4500 
001    135328 
005    20140718114507.0 
008    890413n| azannaab|          |a aaa       
010    n  89622522 
035    (Uk)002489153 
035    (DLC)n  89622522 
040    DLC|beng|erda|cDLC|dUk 
046    |f19220730|g20110403 
100 1  Ijimere, Obotunde 
370    |eOshogbo (Nigeria)|2naf 
372    Drama|2lcsh 
374    Dramatists|2lcsh 
375    male 
377    eng 
400 1  |wnne|aIjimere, Obotunde,|d1930- 
500 1  Beier, Ulli 
670    nuc88-43727: His Kifungo cha Obatala ... 1978|b(hdg. on 
       CLU rept.: Ijimere, Obotunde, 1930- ; usage: Obotunde 
670    LC data base, 4-13-89|b(hdg.: Ijimere, Obotunde, 1930-) 
670    African studies review, Apr. 1979:|barticle by Oyekan 
       Owomoyela on "Obotunde Ijimere, the phantom of Nigerian 
       theater" (since his debut on the Nigerian theatrical scene,
       Ijimere has been attended by enough contradictions and 
       inconsistencies to arouse the suspicion of serious 
       scholars about the authenticity of his name and biography;
       Yoruba scholars especially would immediately recognize the
       name Obotunde as meaning "monkey has returned" and ijimere
       as the name for Pataguenon monkeys; in the blurb on his 
       first book (1966), Ijimere is said to have been born in 
       1930 in Otan Aiyegbaju, a Yoruba town, later joining Ulli 
       Beier's extramural workshop in Oshogbo where Beier 
       persuaded him to write in English rather than in Yoruba; 
       in "Born with the fire on his head" (1967), the only new 
       information in his brief biographical note was "Obotunde 
       Ijimere is the pen-name of the author"; it is significant 
       that the only source for all information about Ijimere was
       Ulli Beier and, since supposedly joining Ulli Beier at 
       Oshogbo in the 1960s, he had always and exclusively 
       operated in tandem with Ulli Beier) 
670    Leeds African studies bulletin, Dec. 2011:|bobit. by 
       Eckhard Breitinger of Bayreuth African studies (Ulli Beier,
       died 3 April 2011 in Sydney, Australia, aged 89; under the
       pen name Obotunde Ijimere, he produced the highly 
       successful Obatala plays) 
678    It is now generally accepted that Obotunde Ijimere was a 
       pen name of Ulli Beier