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LEADER 00000cz   2200253n  4500 
001    n  83073670  
003    DLC 
005    19990420052256.0 
008    830519n| acannaab|          |a ana       
010    n  83073670 
040    DLC|cDLC|dNNPM 
130  0 Farnese hours 
410 2  Pierpont Morgan Library.|kManuscript.|nM.69 
430  0 Naples offices 
430  0 Hours of Cardinal Alessandro Farnese 
430  0 Hours of the Virgin of Cardinal Alessandro Farnese 
510 2  Catholic Church.|tBook of hours (Ms. Farnese) 
667    Heading represents the ms. as a physical entity, including
       its decorations; for the textual contents of the ms. use: 
       Catholic Church. Book of hours (Ms. Farnese) 
670    Clovio, Giulio, 1498-1578. The Farnese hours, 1976 (subj.)
       |bt.p. (The Farnese hours, Pierpont Morgan Library, New 
       York) t.p. verso (ms. M 69) 
670    Painted prayers, 1997:|bp. 98 ("Farnese Hours"; Pierpont 
       Morgan Library MS M.69; book of hours for the use of Rome;
       written and illuminated in Rome, Italy; text completed in 
670    The life and works of Giorgio Giulio Clovio, 1891:|bp. 270
       (Naples "Offices") 
670    Painted page, 1994:|bp. 246 (Hours of Cardinal Alessandro 
       Farnese; New York, The Pierpont Morgan Library, M.69) 
670    Italian manuscripts in the Pierpont Morgan Library, 1953:
       |bp. 57 (Hours of the Virgin of Cardinal Alessandro 
       Farnese; M.69; 1546) 
670    Ocelli nominum, 1992:|bp. 10 (Alessandro Farnese, Cardinal,
       Hours = Farnese Hours; New York, Pierpont Morgan Library: 
       M. 69)