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100 1  Hughes, Andrew,|d1937-2013. 
245 10 Cataloguing discrepancies|h[electronic resource] :|bthe 
       printed York Breviary of 1493 /|cAndrew Hughes ; in 
       collaboration with Matthew Cheung Salisbury and Heather 
246 3  Cataloging discrepancies 
260    Toronto ;|aBuffalo :|bUniversity of Toronto Press,|c©2011.
300    1 online resource (xxii, 192 pages) :|billustrations 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 173-176) and 
505 00 |gMachine generated contents note:|g1.|tPreface --
       |tAcknowledgments --|g2.|tLists, Principal Abbreviations, 
       and References --|tParagraph numbers and the Index --
       |tAbbreviations and references --|tManuscript sigla --
       |tCatalogue references to the 1493 Breviary --
       |tIllustrations --|tGlossary --|g3.|tCataloguing 
       Discrepancies --|tCatalogues of printed sources: their 
       problems --|tThe 1493 Breviary --|tCatalogues of the 
       manuscripts --|tThe social context --|tThe stationers --
       |tJohn Ga[s]chet --|g4.|tDescribing the Breviary and Its 
       Cataloguers --|tThe Witnesses --|tThe Bodleian copy --
       |tThe Bate copy --|tThe fragments --|tThe British Library 
       fragments --|tThe Cambridge University Library fragments -
       -|tThe Ushaw College fragments --|tThe Bodleian Library 
       fragments --|tLawley's Edition --|tThe Contents of the 
       Witnesses --|tThe History of the Witnesses. 
505 00 |tMaterial Characteristics of the Witnesses --|tThe 
       imprint --|tThe Catalogue headings --|tThe title page --
       |tThe opening page and end material --|tThe colophon --
       |tThe size, format, and binding --|tThe fragments --|tThe 
       books --|tThe structure --|tSignatures --|tSignature 35 --
       |tThe folio numbers --|tFolio numbers: original and 
       reproductions --|tThe missing folio numbers and the 
       beginning of the Sanctorale --|tThe (re)numbering of the 
       Sanctorale --|tThe headings --|tGalleys --|tThe typeface -
       -|tInitials --|g5.|tThe Liturgical Context --|tNew feasts 
       --|tFrom manuscript to print --|tThe Becket office --|tThe
       sungtexts --|tThe lessons --|tThe compositor's task --
       |tStop-press revisions --|g6.|tThe Manuscripts and Prints 
       --|tManuscripts --|tThe principal feasts of York and the 
       place of use --|tThe continued use of the manuscripts and 
       the new feasts --|tThe dating --|tLiturgical changes --
       |tThe Wollaton Antiphonal --|tThe Becket office --|tThe 
       Skelton manuscript --|tConclusions (manuscripts) --
       |tPrinted Books --|tConclusions (printed books). 
505 00 |g7.|tModern Technology --|tPhotographic Reproductions --
       |tPhotography --|tMicrofilm --|tMicrofiche --|tDigital 
       images --|tDuplicated or omitted frames or pages --
       |tOpenings: duplicated or omitted images --|tOpenings: 
       missing leaves --|tPages: discontinuous images --|tThe 
       Facsimiles --|g8.|tRecommendations and Conclusions --
       |tRecommendations --|tA catalogue entry --|tGeneral, 
       primary descriptions --|tSecondary literature --|tThe 
       research process --|tDesiderata --|tConclusions --|g9.
       |tApp. 1 Inventories --|tThe comparative inventory --
       |tFormat and terminology --|tLiturgy --|tTypes of errors -
       -|tThe structural inventory --|g10.|tApp. 2 The Sources of
       the York Office --|tManuscripts of York Use --|tOther 
       Manuscripts --|tPrinted Books --|g11.|tApp. 3 Resources 
       for Early Printed Books. 
520    Based on the discrepancies and errors in the existing 
       catalogues of medieval liturgical books, many of which 
       repeat erroneous information for generations, the authors 
       illustrate the defects, problems, and opportunities 
       encountered when technologies of the fifteenth and the 
       twenty-first centuries converge. Not only questioning 
       existing bibliographical practices, Cataloguing 
       discrepancies suggests practical means for improvements to
       the future description of early printed books of this kind
       --Book Jacket. 
520    Cataloguing discrepancies reviews the description and 
       cataloguing, from the early eighteenth century to the 
       present day, of an early English Breviary, printed in 
       1493. With a critical eye, Andrew Hughes summarizes the 
       work that has been done on this liturgical book, of which 
       two complete copies and a number of fragments are extant. 
       How these copies have been described -- and more 
       importantly how these accounts differ -- is a central 
       question of this volume. 
588 0  Print version record. 
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       Collection - North America 
610 20 Catholic Church|xLiturgy|vBibliography|vCatalogs. 
610 20 Catholic Church.|tBreviary (York) 
610 24 Catholic Church. 
650  0 Cataloging of Catholic literature. 
650  0 Breviaries|vBibliography|vCatalogs. 
655  4 Electronic books. 
700 1  Salisbury, Matthew Cheung. 
700 1  Robbins, Heather. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aHughes, Andrew, 1937-|tCataloguing 
       discrepancies.|dToronto ; Buffalo [N.Y.] : University of 
       Toronto Press, ©2011|z9781442641976|w(OCoLC)701604850 
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