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050 0  BD232|b.M34 
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090    BD232 .M34 
100 1  Maslow, Abraham H.|q(Abraham Harold) 
245 10 New knowledge in human values.|cForeword by Pitirim A. 
250    [1st ed.] 
260    New York,|bHarper|c[1959] 
300    268 p.|c22 cm. 
505 00 |gpt. 1.|tAddresses:|tThe powers of creative unselfish 
       love /|rPitirim A. Sorokin --|tThe science of value /
       |rRobert S. Hartman --|tThe scientific basis of value 
       theory /|rHenry Margenau --|tThe values of science /
       |rJacob Bronowski --|tHuman values in a changing world /
       |rLudwig von Bertalanffy --|tHuman nature as a product of 
       evolution /|rTheodosius Dobzhansky --|tComments on art /
       |rGyorgy Kepes --|tHuman values in Zen /|rDaisetz Teitaro 
       Suzuki --|tExistence and values /|rWalter A. Weiskopf --
       |tPsychological data and value theory /|rAbraham H. Maslow
       --|tNormative compatibility in the light of social science
       /|rGordon W. Allport --|tValue, psychology, and human 
       existence /|rErich Fromm --|tCulture and the experience of
       value /|rDorothy Lee --|tHealth as value /|rKurt Goldstein
       --|tIs a science of human values possible? /|rPaul Tillich
       --|gpt. 2. Comment and replies:|tComment by Walter A. 
       Weisskopf --|tReply by Sorokin --|tReply by Hartman --
       |tReply by Margenau --|tReply by Bronowski --|tReply by 
       Bertalanffy --|tReply by Suzuki --|tReply by Maslow --
       |tReply by Goldstein. 
650  0 Values. 
650  4 Conocimiento, TeorĂ­a del 
650  6 Valeurs (Philosophie) 
650 17 Waarden.|2gtt 
935    107524 
994    C0|bRID 
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