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072  7 LAW|x001000|2bisacsh 
082 04 346.420166|222 
090    KD764 
100 1  Border, Rosy. 
245 10 Divorce and separation /|cRosy Border & Jane Moir. 
250    Second edition. 
264  1 London :|bCavendish,|c2004. 
300    1 online resource (xxvi, 190 pages) 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Pocket lawyer 
500    Previous edition: published as Divorce. London: Stationery
       Office, 2001. 
505 00 |tChapter 1 Can we work it out? --|tA troubled marriage --
       |tchapter Conciliation and counselling --|tchapter When is
       mediation not the answer? --|tchapter 2 Is separation an 
       option for you? --|tReasons for separating --|tchapter A 
       note on judicial separation --|tchapter 3 Agreeing to 
       separate --|tWhat should a Separation Agreement cover? --
       |tchapter A word on benefits --|tchapter Will you qualify 
       for Legal Help? --|tchapter 4 Separation and children --
       |tchapter A word about the Child Support Agency (CSA) --
       |tchapter 5 Your separation questionnaire --|tchapter 6 
       Draft Separation Agreement --|tchapter Separation 
       Agreement --|tchapter Operative provisions --|tchapter 7 
       You and your solicitor --|tchapter Shopping around --
       |tchapter Your first interview --|tchapter 8 Emergencies: 
       domestic violence --|tchapter 9 Emergencies: going to 
       court --|tSee a solicitor --|tchapter Ex parte -- no 
       notice --|tchapter Interlude: if you are the violent one -
       -|tchapter 10 Legal help and public funding --|tchapter 11
       Divorce: how do I get one? --|tI want it to be final -- 
       how do I get a divorce? --|tchapter A path through the 
       maze -- stage 1 --|tPostScript Picture CSD chpt11.1 
       diag.eps --|tchapter A path through the maze -- stage 2 --
       |tPostScript Picture CSD chpt11.2 diag.eps --|tchapter A 
       path through the maze -- stage 3 --|tPostScript Picture 
       CSD chpt11.3 diag.eps --|tchapter Tackling the paperwork -
       -|tchapter 12 Filling in the petition --|t'Behaviour' 
       petition --|tchapter Principal Registry --|tpart Section 2
       --|tchapter Section 5 --|tchapter Section 11 --|tchapter 
       'Adultery' petition --|tchapter 'Five years' separation' 
       petition --|tSection 10 --|tchapter 13 Filling in the 
       Statement of Arrangements for Children --|tWhat is a 
       child? --|tchapter Not in agreement? --|tchapter 14 If you
       are the Respondent --|tchapter Question 5 onwards --
       |tchapter 15 The next stages --|tchapter Make your will! -
       -|tchapter 16 Dividing the spoils --|tchapter 17 The 
       family home: safeguarding your rights --|tchapter Rented 
       homes --|tchapter In one spouse's sole name --|tchapter 
       Enter the Land Registry --|tchapter 10 ants in common --
       |tchapter If you are the sole owner of the family home --
       |tchapter 18 Managing stress --|tchapter 19 Children --
       |tchapter 20 Some real life 'behaviour' particulars --
       |tchapter Financial mismanagement --|tchapter Neglect of 
       children and family life --|tchapter Useful forms --
       |tStatement of Arrangements for Children --|tchapter 
       Client care letter --|tchapter Certificate of Entitlement 
       to a Decree --|tchapter Sample of Decree Nisi (behaviour) 
       --|tchapter Application for Directions for Trial --
       |tchapter Affidavit --|tchapter Sample of Decree Absolute 
       --|tchapter Sample letters --|tLetter to court enclosing 
       divorce petition --|tchapter Letter to court enclosing 
       Application for Directions for Trial and Affidavit --
       |tchapter Letter to court asking for petition to be served
       by court bailiff --|tchapter Letter to court asking for 
       the Decree Nisi to be made absolute --|tchapter Useful 
       contacts --|tReplacement marriage certificates The 
       Registrar General --|tchapter Housing and property matters
       --|tLand Registry --|tchapter Council of Mortgage Lenders 
       --|tFinding a solicitor in your area /|rYellow pages under
       'Solicitors' --|tchapter Community Legal Services --
       |tDepartment for Work and Pensions --|tchapter Child 
       Support Agency --|tchapter Marriage guidance, mediation 
       and other counselling --|tRelate --|tchapter Websites 
       reached via the Relate website --|tNational Family 
       Mediation (NFM) --|tchapter Asian Family Counselling 
588 0  Print version record. 
590    eBooks on EBSCOhost|bEBSCO eBook Subscription Academic 
       Collection - North America 
650  0 Divorce|xLaw and legislation|zEngland. 
650  0 Divorce|xLaw and legislation|zWales. 
655  4 Electronic books. 
700 1  Moir, Jane. 
700 1  Border, Rosy.|tDivorce. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aBorder, Rosy.|tDivorce and separation.
       |bSecond edition|z1859418627|w(OCoLC)71807307 
830  0 Pocket lawyer. 
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