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100 1  Marquis, Susan L.|q(Susan Lynn),|d1960-|eauthor. 
245 10 I am not a tractor! :|bhow Florida farmworkers took on the
       fast food giants and won /|cSusan L. Marquis. 
264  1 Ithaca :|bILR Press, an imprint of Cornell University 
264  4 |c©2017 
300    1 online resource (xv, 279 pages) 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
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338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Prologue : getting to Immokalee -- To beat one of us is to
       beat us all! -- Bang your head against the wall long 
       enough, and you have to admit it starts to hurt -- 
       Campaigning for fair food -- Has anyone talked with these 
       guys? -- Eyes wide open -- Forging the path by walking it 
       -- "Value" can have a different meaning -- What 
       difference? -- Designed for the future. 
520    "I am Not a Tractor! celebrates the courage, vision, and 
       creativity of the farmworkers and community leaders who 
       have transformed one of the worst agricultural situation 
       in the United States into one of the best. Susan Marquis 
       highlights past abuses workers suffered in Florida's 
       tomato fields: toxic pesticide exposure, beatings, sexual 
       assault, rampant wage theft, and even, astonishingly, 
       modern-day slavery. Marquis unveils how, even without new 
       legislation, regulation, or government participation, 
       these farmworkers have dramatically improved their work 
       conditions. Marquis credits this success to the immigrants
       from Mexico, Haiti, and Guatemala who formed the Coalition
       of Immokalee Workers, a neuroscience major who takes great
       pride in the watermelon crew he runs, a leading farmer/
       grower who was once homeless, and a retired New York State
       judge who volunteered to stuff envelopes and ended up 
       building a ground-breaking institution. Through the "Fair 
       Food Program" that they have developed, fought for, and 
       implemented, these people have changed the lives of more 
       than thirty thousand field workers. I Am Not a Tractor! 
       offers a range of solutions to a problem that is rooted in
       our nation's slave history and that is worsened by ongoing
       conflict over immigration"--|cPublisher's Web site. 
588 0  Online resource; title from digital title page (viewed on 
       December 01, 2017). 
590    eBooks on EBSCOhost|bEBSCO eBook Subscription Academic 
       Collection - North America 
610 20 Coalition of Immokalee Workers. 
610 27 Coalition of Immokalee Workers.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01779037 
650  0 Agricultural laborers|zFlorida|zImmokalee. 
650  0 Agricultural laborers|xLabor unions|zFlorida|zImmokalee. 
650  0 Food industry and trade|zFlorida|zImmokalee|xEmployees. 
655  4 Electronic books. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aMarquis, Susan L. (Susan Lynn), 1960-|tI
       am not a tractor!|dIthaca : ILR Press, an imprint of 
       Cornell University Press, 2017|z9781501713088|w(DLC)  
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       db=nlebk&AN=1589191|zOnline ebook via EBSCO. Access 
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