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100 1  Fabech, Bente,|eauthor. 
245 10 Nordic checklist food contact materials :|bdeclaration of 
       compliance and supporting documentation /|cBente Fabech 
       [and 15 others]. 
264  1 Copenhagen :|bNordic Council of Ministers,|c2015. 
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505 0  Preface; Summary; Abbreviations and definitions; 1. What 
       are food contact materials?; 2. Check lists as a tool for 
       industry and trade; 2.1 How to use the check lists?; 3. EU
       legislation and guidance; 3.1 General requirements for all
       food contact materials; 3.2 Specific legislation in EU and
       national legislation; 3.3 Good manufacturing practice 
       (GMP) ; 4. The supply chain for food contact materials; 5.
       In-house control; 5.1 What is in-house control? ; 5.2 
       Documentation: Declarations of compliance and supporting 
       documentation; 6. Supporting documentation. 
505 8  7. Check lists as guidance for in-house control and 
       declaration of compliance7.1 General requirements and 
       guidance for in-house control of all types of FCM ; 7.2 
       Producers and importers: Chemicals and other raw materials
       ; 7.3 Producers and importers: Intermediates like e.g. 
       formulations of printing inks, surface coatings, lacquers,
       polymers or master batches; 7.4 Producers and importers: 
       Final food contact materials and articles ; 7.5 Producers 
       and importers of food (wholesalers); 7.6 Retailers (food 
       and FCM); Sammendrag. 
505 8  Annex I. Legislation and guidance: Overview on EU and 
       Nordic webpages etc. EU Legislation, FCM; Useful webpages,
       EU and national; Other EU Legislation with relevance to 
       food contact materials; Guidance documents, EU, Nordic and
       others; Annex II. Templates for declaration of compliance;
       Annex III. Supporting documentation in practice. 
520    Documentation of compliance with the legislation is a 
       corner stone in the control of food contact materials 
       (FCM). In-house control is an important pre-requisite to 
       limit contamination from FCM and shall be based on the 
       declaration of compliance and supporting documentation at 
       the responsible business operators in the supply chain. 
       The goal of this project was to develop a Nordic checklist
       on documentation of compliance for FCM. The Nordic 
       checklist contains several templates. The different 
       templates provide check points on the minimum requirements
       for a declaration of compliance for all types of 
       materials. The templates are meant to be used by industry 
       and trade as guidance for drafting a declaration of 
       compliance. Furthermore, the check lists are also meant to
       be tools for the public food and FCM inspection. 
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