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Book of embraces -- See Libro de los abrazos. English


Memory of fire -- See Memoria del fuego. English


Open veins of Latin America -- See Venas abiertas de América Latina. English


Upside down -- See Patas arriba. English

Your entry Galeano, Eduardo, 1940- Venas abiertas de América Latina. English would be here -- Search as Words

We say no -- See Nosotros decimos no. English


Galeano, Eduardo Hughes, 1940- -- See Galeano, Eduardo, 1940-


Galeano, subcomandante -- See Marcos, subcomandante

Galeazzi, Francesco, 1758-1819. Elementi teorico-pratici di musica. : Galeazzi, Francesco,     
      Theoretical-practical elements of music, parts III and IV [electronic resource] / Francesco Galeazzi MT6.G35 E4413 2012eb   Bestseller
Galeazzo Maria Sforza, Duke of Milan, 1444-1476. : Lubkin, Gregory.     
      A Renaissance court : Milan under Galeazzo Maria Sforza / Gregory Lubkin. DG657.8 .L83 1994eb   Bestseller

Galʻed, Zrubavel -- See Gilead, Zerubavel


Galeen, Heinrich -- See Galeen, Henrik


Galeen, Hendrik -- See Galeen, Henrik


Galeen, Henrik, 1881-1949 -- See Galeen, Henrik


Galeener, Marguerite Laverne, 1930- -- See Galeener-Moore, Laverne, 1930-


Strategies for teaching and learning professional library -- See Strategies for teaching and learning professional library


Galegina, -1839 -- See Boudinot, Elias, -1839


Galʹegos, Romulo, 1884-1969 -- See Gallegos, Rómulo, 1884-1969

      Galen and the rhetoric of healing / Susan P. Mattern. R126.G8 M38 2008eb   Bestseller
      Galen and the syllogism; an examination of the thesis that Galen originated the fourth figure of the B577.G24 R4 ; Moore Stacks:Available   book
BookPrinted Material
      Galen and the world of knowledge / edited by Christopher Gill, Tim Whitmarsh, John Wilkins. B577.G24 G345 2009eb   Bestseller
      Galien de Pergame ou la rhétorique de la providence : médecine, littérature et pouvoir à Rome / par C B577.G24 P48 2018   Bestseller
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Τ́εχνη ̓ιατρικ́η -- See Ars medica


Γαληνο̂υ Τ́εχνη ̓ιατρικ́η -- See Ars medica


Ars parva -- See Ars medica


Art of medicine -- See Ars medica


Galen, Claudius -- See Galen


Clavdii Galeni Pergameni, secvndvm Hippocratem ... De usu partium corporis humani libri XVII -- See De usu partium corporis humani

Galen, Clemens August, Graf von, 1878-1946.    
      Bishop von Galen : German Catholicism and National Socialism / Beth A. Griech-Polelle. BX4705.G12 G75 2002 ; Moore Stacks:Available   book
BookPrinted Material
      Bishop von Galen : German Catholicism and National Socialism / Beth A. Griech-Polelle. BX4705.G12 G75 2002eb   Bestseller
      The Lion of Münster : the bishop who roared against the Nazis / by Daniel Utrecht. BX4705.G12 U87 2016   Bestseller
Galen -- Criticism and interpretation -- Early works to 1800. : Erasmus, Desiderius,     
      De virtute ; Oratio funebris ; Encomium medicinae ; De puero ; Tyrannicida ; Ovid ; Prudentis ; Galen PA8502.E5 T5 1978 v.7eb   Bestseller
Galen. De alimentorum facultatibus. : Galen.     
      Galen on the properties of foodstuffs = De alimentorum facultatibus / introduction, translation, and R126.G2 G35eb   Bestseller
Galen. De diebus decretoriis. : Galen.     
      The Alexandrian summaries of Galen's On critical days : editions and translations of the two versions R126 .G33 2015   Bestseller
Galen. De indolentia -- Congresses.      
      Galen's treatise Peri alypias (De indolentia) in context : a tale of resilience / edited by Caroline PA3997   Bestseller
Galen -- Dictionaries. : Durling, Richard J.     
      A dictionary of medical terms in Galen / by Richard J. Durling. R126.G8 D87 1993eb   Bestseller

Galēnou Technē iatrikē -- See Ars medica

Galen -- Influence. : De Vos, Paula Susan,     
      Compound remedies : Galenic pharmacy from the ancient Mediterranean to New Spain / Paula S. De Vos RS67.M6   Bestseller

Galen, Klavdiĭ -- See Galen


Microtechni -- See Ars medica


Galen, of Pergamon -- See Galen


On the natural faculties -- See De naturalibus facultatibus. English


On the usefulness of the parts of the body -- See De usu partium corporis humani. English


Peri chreias moriōn -- See De usu partium corporis humani


Peri physikōn dynameōn -- See De naturalibus facultatibus


Technē iatrikē -- See Ars medica


Tegni -- See Ars medica


Galena and Chicago Union Railroad Company -- See Also the later heading Chicago and North Western Railway Company


Galeno -- See Galen


Galeno, Claudio -- See Galen


Galeno da Costa e Silva, Juvenal, 1836-1931 -- See Galeno, Juvenal, 1836-1931

Galeno, Juvenal, 1836-1931 -- Musical settings. : Guarnieri, Camargo,     
      Break the coconut : for medium voice and piano (c-f#) = Quebra o côco, menino [i.e. menina] / Camargo M1621 .G928 B7 ; Talbott: Circulating Collection:Available   printed music
Printed MusicMusic Score

Galénos -- See Galen


Galênós, van Pérgamon -- See Galen


Galēnotatē Dēmokratia tou Agiou Marinou -- See San Marino


Galenus -- See Galen

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