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028 40 CC1757D|bThe Criterion Collection 
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049    RIDV 
050 14 PN1997|b.V36 2008 
082 04 791.43/72|222 
090    PN1997 .V36 2008 
130 0  Vampyr (Motion picture) 
245 10 Vampyr|h[videorecording] /|cJanus Films ; ein Film der 
       Carl Th. Dreyer Produktion ; manuskript [screenplay] 
       Christen Jul und Carl Th. Dreyer ; regie [director], Carl 
       Th. Dreyer ; Weltvertrieb [world distribution] Conti Film 
       G.m.b.H. Berlin. 
260    [Irvington, NY] :|bCriterion Collection,|cc2008. 
300    2 DVDs (73 min.) :|bsd., b&w ;|c4 3/4 in. +|e1 booklet (42
       p. : ill. ; 19 cm.) and 1 book (214 p. ; 19 cm.) 
490 1  The Criterion collection ;|v437 
500    Frei nach dem roman [Freely after the novel] 'In a glass 
       darkly' von [by] J. [Joseph] Sheridan Le Fanu. 
500    Title from feature. 
500    Originally produced as a motion picture in 1931/32. 
500    Based on the book : In a glass darkly / by J. [Joseph] 
       Sheridan Le Fanu. 
500    Accompanying book, "Writing Vampyr", includes the 
       screenplay by Carl Theodor Dreyer and Christen Jul, and 
       "Carmilla" by Sheridan Le Fanu. 
500    Accompanying booklet, "Vampyr", includes the essays 
       "'Vampyr's' Ghosts and Demons" by Mark Le Fanu, "'Vampyr' 
       and the Vampire" by Kim Newman, "Some Notes on the 
       Restoration of Dreyer's 'Vampyr'" by Martin Koerber, and 
       "An Interview with Baron Nicolas de Gunzburg" by Herman G.
       Weinberg and Gretchen Weinberg. 
500    "VAMPYR was produced in 1931/32 in German, French, and 
       English versions. The original negative for picture and 
       sound was lost. Partially complete prints of the German 
       and French versions served as the basis for this 
       restoration. The new German version of 1998 was a 
       collaboration between Cineteca del Comune de Bologna, 
       Deutsche Kinemathek and ZDF/Arte." - opening screen note. 
500    Special features (disc 1): optional "English-text version",
       optional audio commentary by film scholar Tony Rayns. 
500    Special features (disc 2): "Carl Th. Dreyer" biographical 
       documentary (30 min.); "Visual essay" critical essay 
       featurette (36 min.); "Dreyer radio broadcast" audio 
       recording of Dreyer reading an essay on filmmaking (24 
505 00 |gDisc 1 Film|tOpening credits -- "She must not die" -- 
       Heeding the call -- Doctor -- Chateau -- "The Strange 
       History of the Vampire" -- Léone -- Carriage -- Blood 
       sacrifice -- Story of Marguerite Chopin -- Strange dream 
       of Allan Gray -- Wandering spirit -- Casket with a view --
       Vampire's grave -- Apparitions -- Mill -- Color bars|g(74 
       min.) Special features: English-text version; Commentary 
       [audio feature with Tony Rayns]. 
505 00 |gDisc 2 Supplements|tCarl Th. Dreyer /|rDet Danske 
       Filminstitut preæsenterer ; produceret for Dansk 
       Kulturfilm af Jørgen Roos film ; Statens Filmcentral
       |g(1966) (30 min.) -- Visual essay /|rCasper Tybjerg ; 
       producer, Issa Clubb|g(2008) (36 min.); Dreyer radio 
       broadcast /|rGideon Bachmann|g(1958) (24 min.). 
508    Photographie, Rudolph Maté ; musik, Wolfgang Zeller; 
       dialogregie und tonschnitt [dialog direction/sound 
       editing], Paul Falkenberg. 
511 1  Julian West (Allan Gray), Maurice Schutz (Der Schlossherr 
       [The lock gentleman]), Rena Mandel (Giséle), Sybille 
       Schmitz (Léone, seine töchter [his daughter]), Jan 
       Hieronimko (der Dorfarzt [The village physician]), 
       Henriette Gerard (Die alte Frau vom Friedhof [The old 
       woman of the cemetery]), Albert Bras (Die alte Diener [The
       old servant]), N. Babanini (seine Frau [his wife]), Jane 
       Mora (Die Krankenschwester [the nurse]). 
520    "With Vampyr, Danish filmmaker Carl Theodor Dreyser's 
       brilliance of achieving mesmerizing atmosphere and austere,
       profoundly unsettling imagery was for once applied to the 
       horror genre. Yet the result--concerning an occult student
       assailed by various supernatural haunts and local 
       evildoers in a village outside Paris--is nearly 
       unclassifiable, a host of stunning camera and editing 
       tricks and densely layered sounds creating a mood of 
       dreamlike terror. With its rolling fogs, ominous scythes, 
       and foreboding echoes, Vampyr is one of cinema's great 
520    Disc 1: "This is the tale of the strange adventures of 
       young Allan Gray, who immersed himself in the study of 
       devil worship and vampires.  Preoccupied with 
       superstitions of centuries past, he became a dreamer for 
       whom the line between the real and the supernatural became
       blurred.  His aimless wanderings led him late one evening 
       to a secluded inn by the river in a village called 
       Courtempierre" - title screen.  Grey starts seeing weird, 
       inexplicable sights (a man whose shadow has a life of its 
       own, a mysterious scythe-bearing figure tolling a bell, a 
       terrifying dream of his own burial) but things come to a 
       head when one of the daughters of the lord of the castle 
       succumbs to anaemia - or is it something more sinister? 
520    Disc 2: Supplements. 
521 8  Not rated. 
538    DVD; Dolby digital mono; 1.19:1 aspect ratio. 
546    Feature in German with German intertitles and optional 
       English subtitles; special features in German with English
       intertitles and optional English subtitles. 
650  0 Vampires|vDrama. 
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655  7 Horror films.|2lcgft 
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655  7 DVD-Video discs.|2lcgft 
700 1  Dreyer, Carl Theodor,|d1889-1968.|4pro|4drt|4aus 
700 1  Jul, Christen. 
700 1  West, Julian,|d1904-1981.|4pro|4act 
700 1  Schutz, Maurice. 
700 1  Mandel, Rena,|d1901-1987.|4act 
700 1  Schmitz, Sybille,|d1909-1955.|4act 
700 1  Hieronimko, Jan. 
700 1  Gérard, Henriette. 
700 1  Roos, Jørgen,|d1922-1998. 
700 1  Tybjerg, Casper. 
700 1  Maté, Rudolph,|d1899-1964.|4cng 
700 1  Zeller, Wolfgang,|d1893-1967.|4cmp 
700 12 Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan,|d1814-1873.|tCarmilla. 
700 12 Dreyer, Carl Theodor,|d1889-1968.|tVampyr. 
710 2  Janus Films. 
710 2  Conti Film G.m.b.H. 
710 2  Danske filminstitut. 
710 2  Dansk kulturfilm. 
710 2  Statens filmcentral (Denmark) 
710 2  Criterion Collection (Firm) 
830  0 Criterion collection ;|v437. 
935    502134 
948    |d20181012|cLTI|tlti-aup183 
948    |d20171012|cLTI|tlti-aup173 
948    |d20161019|clti|tlti-aup163 
994    C0|bRID 

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