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245 00 Advances in synaptic plasticity /|cedited by Michel Baudry,
       Joel L. Davis and Richard F. Thompson. 
264  1 Cambridge, Mass. :|bMIT Press,|c1999. 
300    1 online resource (xiv, 335 pages) :|billustrations. 
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490 1  Bradford Bks. 
500    Prepared as an update to: Synaptic plasticity : molecular,
       cellular, and fucntional aspects. MIT Press, 1993. 
500    "A Bradford book." 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |tLearning about activity-dependent genes /|rDietmar Kuhl 
       --|tSynaptic regulation of messenger RNA trafficking 
       within neurons /|rOswald Steward, Christopher S. Wallace, 
       and Paul F. Worley --|tMatrix metalloproteinases and 
       tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases in neuronal 
       plasticity and pathology /|rSantiago Rivera and Michel 
       Khrestchatisky --|tLong-term potentiation /|rDominique 
       Muller, Nicolas Toni, and Pierre-Alain Buchs --|tRole of 
       synaptic geometry in the dynamics and efficacy of synaptic
       transmission /|rJim-Shih Liaw [and others] --|tNeuron/glia
       signaling and use-dependent modification of synaptic 
       strength /|rDavid J. Linden --|tAnatomical plasticity in 
       the striatum during development and after lesions in the 
       adult rat /|rMarie-Françoise Chesselet [and others] --
       |tPathway-specific regulation of synapses in the 
       thalamocortical system /|rBarry W. Connors [and others] --
       |tDynamic representation of odors by oscillating neural 
       assemblies /|rGilles Laurent [and others] --|tFrequency-
       dependent synaptic transmission in the neocortex /|rHenry 
       Markram [and others] --|tNeurobiological substrates of 
       associative memory /|rFrançois S. Roman [and others] --
       |tPurkinje local circuit as an example of a functional 
       unit in the nervous system /|rGilbert A. Chauvet and 
       Pierre Chauvet --|tSynaptic plasticity /|rMichel Baudry 
       and Richard F. Thompson. 
520 8  Many neurons exhibit plasticity; that is, they can change 
       structurally or functionally, often in a lasting way. 
       Plasticity is evident in such diverse phenomena as 
       learning and memory, brain development, drug tolerance, 
       sprouting of axon terminals after a brain lesion, and 
       various cellular forms of activity-dependent synaptic 
       plasticity such as long-term potentiation and long-term 
       depression. This book, a follow-up to the editors' 
       Synaptic Plasticity (MIT Press, 1993), reports on the most
       recent trends in the field. The levels of analysis range 
       from molecular to cellular and network, the unifying theme
       being the nature of the relationships between synaptic 
       plasticity and information processing and storage. 
       Contributors : Yael Amitai, Michel Baudry, Theodore W. 
       Berger, Pierre-Alain Buchs, A.K. Butler, Franck A. 
       Chaillan, Gilbert A. Chauvet, Marie-Françoise Chesselet, 
       Barry W. Connors, Taraneh Ghaffari, Jay R. Gibson, Ziv Gil,
       Michel Khrestchatisky, Dietmar Kuhl, Carole E. Landisman, 
       Gilles Laurent, Jim-Shih Liaw, David J. Linden, Katrina 
       MacLeod, Henry Markram, W.V. Morehouse, Dominique Muller, 
       J.A. Napieralski, Santiago Rivera, François S. Roman, 
       Bernard Soumireu-Mourat, Oswald Steward, Mark Stopfer, 
       F.G. Szele, Richard F. Thompson, Nicolas Toni, Bernard 
       Truchet, Misha Tsodyks, K. Uryu, Ascher Uziel, Christopher
       S. Wallace, Yun Wang, Michael Wehr, Paul F. Worley, 
       Xiaping Xie. 
546    English. 
588 0  Print version record. 
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       Collection - North America 
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650  7 Neuroplasticity.|2fast|0
655  0 Electronic books. 
655  4 Electronic books. 
700 1  Baudry, M.|0
700 1  Davis, Joel L.,|d1942-|0
700 1  Thompson, Richard F.|0
776 08 |iPrint version:|tAdvances in synaptic plasticity.
       |dCambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, 1999|z0262024608|w(DLC)   
830  0 Bradford Bks. 
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