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Conference International Conference on Advanced Nondestructive Testing (2nd : 2007 : Pusan, Korea)

Title Advanced nondestructive evaluation II. Volume 1 [electronic resource] : proceedings of the International Conference on ANDE 2007, the 2nd International Conference on Advanced Nondestructive Testing / editors, Seung-Seok Lee [and others].

Imprint Singapore ; Hackensack, N.J. : World Scientific Pub. Co., ©2008.

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Description 1 online resource.
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references.
Note Section 1. Aging and degradation. Stator insulation quality assessment for high voltage motors based on probability distribution / H.D. Kim and C.H. Kim. Effect of leakage on deterioration of concrete lining in conventional tunnel / H.S. Jung [and others]. Sulfate attack of shotcrete made with alkali-free accelerator / S.T. Lee [and others]. Non-destructive assessment for degradation of 9 Cr steel / J.S. Park [and others]. Fretting wear of Inconel 690 tubes tested by piezo-actuated rig / I.S. Chung, M.H. Lee and Y.S. Chai. Assessment of creep damage on a pipe bend of 1/2Cr1/2Mo1/4V Steel / J.S. Hyun. Detection of oil-paper insulation aging with dielectric spectroscopy in time and frequency domain measurements / S.H. Lee, J.H. Kim and S.O. Han. Temperature dependence of return voltage characteristics / S.H. Lee [and others]. Finite element analysis to evaluate wall thinned pipe using PVDF comb transducer / B.M. Song, J.H. Lee and D.H. Lee.
Properties of shotcrete immersed in various harmful solutions / D.G. Kim.
Section 2. Bio & medical NDE. A morphological study in the mandibular second premolar using a micro-CT / K.J. Chun, O.S. Yoo and Y.Y. Won. Biomechanical nondestructive evaluation of joint movements and muscle length of lower limbs during hemiplegic walking / S.J. Hwang. Fault diagnosis based on voxel data obtained from CT / J.C. Han, H.B. Youn and H.K. Kim. The estimation of knee varus torque by an accelerometer in osteoarthritis patients and healthy adults / S.H. Hwang, S.B. Park and Y.H. Kim. Development of the health age formular and examination for women / J.H. Shin. Reconstruction of images of speed of sound from medical ultrasound images / M.K. Jeong [and others]. Measurement and evaluation of impulse force which human body receives by contact of machine and structure / Y. Itoh [and others]. Evaluation of hand function recovery in chronic hemiparetic patients using electromyographic responses / K.S. Tae, S.J. Song and Y.H. Kim.
Balance recovery mechanisms against the forward perturbation / S.J. Hwang [and others]. EMG pattern recognition using neural networks during the postural balance control of human body / H.K. Choi, J.H. Jeong and W.H. Cho. Passive elastic characteristics and musculoskeletal kinematics of human foot for biomechanical analysis / H.K. Choi, S.Y. Kim and W.H. Cho. EMG analysis of muscular fatigue and muscle activity due to turtle neck syndrome / W.H. Cho [and others]. The relationship among the center of pressure, the center of mass and the horizontal acceleration of the body in postural sway, falling and walking / H.S. Choi and Y.H. Kim. Joint moments and lumbar curvatures during symmetrical lifting / S.H. Hwang [and others]. Determination of the material property for the rear fixation device of the vertebrae by FEM / D.J. Oh [and others]. A FES sensor system using a tilt sensor for improving hemiplegic gait / S.W. Park [and others].
Homogeneiyt and ranklet based mass-type cancer detection in dense mammographic images / W.H. Kim and S.M. Kim. The evaluation of usefulness of the FEA and relationship between trabecular microstructural and biomechanical properties in human femoral / M.H. Baek [and others]. Evaluation algorithm based on automatic image analysis for malarial blood cell images / C.H. Kim, J.Y. Kim and S.H. Hong. A study on the performance of 3D acoustic field analysis method for the evaluation of medical ultrasonic probe / W.J. Yu. Measurement of shaking for the sacral-region circumference skin under state of decubitus / T. Nemoto [and others]. Mechanical properties of the human carotid artery using ultrasonography and presumption of arteriosclerosis / T. Nemoto [and others].
Contents Section 3. Composite materials and structures. Characterization of structural performance in ceramic matrix composites / J.G. Kim and J.H. Lee. A study on natural frequency detection of vehicle components; sensors and actuators / B.S. Kim [and others]. A study on the fire resistance capacity of asymmetric slimflor beam members / S.H. Han and S.K. Choi. A study on stress analysis and experimental evaluation for the all composite structure of wig vehicle / J.D. Han [and others]. An elastic-plastic finite element analsys of the interface with perpendicular crack using the property gradient in fiber reinforced MMC / J.W. Kang and O.H. Kwon. A study for load bearing capability of laminates with embedded shape memory alloy subjected to low velocity impact / K.W. Kang and J.K. Kim. Nondestructive testing and strength prediction of adhesive bonded joints using the scan type magnetic camera / H.C. Yoon and J.C. Lee.
Note A study on the light-weight thin-walled member for optimum crashworthiness design / K.S. Lee [and others]. Influence of stacking condition on axial compression and bending collapse of hybrid hat shaped member / J.H. Kim [and others]. A study on the drilling characteristics according to drill diameter of laminate composite / S.C. Lee [and others].
Section 4. Fatigue and fracture. Effect of wear to the fatigue life of shaft based on product lifecycle management / Y.T. Li, Y.B. Wei and M. Song. Compressive fatigue stength of al-alloy foam with different thicknesses / M. Hossain [and others]. Study of experimental examination on strength evaluation in the design of double column for / S. Sasaki, K. Hagiwara and T. Ezumi. Evaluation of fracture toughness of interfacial cracks subjected to mechanical and thermal load using finite element method / D. Mishra [and others]. High-velocity impact characteristic of CFRP composite / R. Kubota [and others]. Wear amount prediction of automobile tire by finite element analysis / J.H. Lee, J.R. Cho, J.H. Choi. Transformed solution for fixed specimen with notches by infinitely similar element method / Y.T. Li, W.Y. Jin and C.F. Yan. Stress analysis on discontinuous finite-width plate by hybrid method / L. Chen and T.H. Baek.
Fatigue analysis of the cervical plate system installed in cervical spine using finite element method / I.C. Yang, S.M. Kim and S.Y. Cho. Durability analysis of rubber diaphragm for vehicle suspension damper system / S.K. Koh, T.H. Baek and H.Y. Hwang. Failure assessment analysis to API 5l X65 pipeline subjected to large plastic deformation / J.H. Baek [and others]. Fatigue crack growth behavior for welded joint of X80 pipeline steel / Y.P. Kim [and others]. An analysis for fatigue behavior of the brazed joints / H.J. Shim, K.W. Kang, J.K. Kim. Evaluation of fatigue strength of the bogie frame for electrical multiple unit / S.C. Yoon and J.G. Kim. An evaluation of residual stress redistribution caused by fatigue crack propagation by finite element method / E.J. Park, E.J. Kim and S.H. Yoo. Fatigue strength analysis of the web plate of wheels using critical plane approach / J.W. Seo, S.J. Kwon and S.T. Kwon.
Fatigue behavior of inconel alloys due to fretting and high temperature / S.W. Woo [and others]. Influence of the damaged blade of a multiple-stage axial compressor on turbine components of the heavy-duty gas turbine / M.S. Kang [and others]. Influence of stress and excitation size on the velocity of compression wavefront in jointed rock masses / M.S. Cha [and others]. X-ray diffraction analysis on fatigue fracture surface of SG365 steel / M.B. Lim [and others]. The study of evaluation tensile characteristics and plane strain fracture toughness in induction surface hardened of the SM53C steel / H.B. Jeon, S.C. Huh and W.J. Park. Fracture characteristrics of ceramic plates using shock tunnel / K.J Kim [and others]. An evaluation of fracture toughness for ceramics / K.J. Kim [and others]. Fatigue life of compound cylinder combining autofrettage and shrink fit due to the firing / Y.S. Lee [and others].
Fatigue life evaluation of pipe welds in power plant using advanced nondestructive methods / S.G. Lee [and others]. A study on accelerated life test utilizing fatigue damage theory for automobile components / D.H. Jung [and others]. Comparison of fatigue properties of al alloys for chassis components / C.Y. Kim [and others].
Section 5. Guided wave. Acoustic performance of a magnetostrictive strip sensor for a torsional guided wave / Y.M. Cheong and S. Kim. A study on time domain computer simulation of ultrasonic guided wave mode conversion / Y.H. Cho, Y.K. Choi and N.H. Kim. Signals of magnetostrictive sensors on artificial defect pipes of carbon and stainless steel / D.S. Koo [and others]. Welding zone defect detection usefulness estimation of laser guided lamb wave / K.S. Song and J.Y. Kim. A study of guided ultrasonic wave application for heat exchanger performance improvement / Y.H. Cho, J.H. Jung and J.H. Kim. Study on mode switching algorithm and damage evaluation for efficient and precision SHM using smart sensor / Y. Hong [and others]. Bumper impact perception for pedestrian protection using smart sensor / Y. Hong [and others].
Section 6. Health monitoring of structure. Wideband radar imaging of concrete specimens for NDT / H.C. Rhim and J.W. Oh. Health monitoring of composite structures based on acoustic wave sensing using fiber optic sensors / B.R. Mattapally, M.R. Bhat and Murthy C.R.L. Application of genetic algorithm and Gauss-Newton method to system identification / Grace S. Wang and Fu-Kuo Huang. A study on remote monitoring and security of control system using IPSEC / H.J. Na [and others]. Health monitoring of steel crane girder using PZT sensors / K.J. Shin. Characterization of crack detection methods using strain mode shapes on plates with various geometry / B.S. Kim and S.H. Yoo. Detection of various damage patterns using impedance measurement and statistical post processing / Y. Hong [and others]. Measurement and monitoring of mechanical loads of large slender structures using distributed fiber optic sensor / J.W. Lee [and others].
Material characterization of lock late for gas turbine plant / Y.H. Cho [and others]. The precise measurement of steel cable tension in cable stayed bridges by nondestructive magnetic sensor / H.W. Park [and others].
Section 7. Image processing. Visualization of tooth for non destructive evaluation / H. Gao [and others]. Image processing based defect inspection system for pharmaceutical products / H.J. Kim, D.H. Ryu and T.W. Choi. Characterization of self-assembled monolayers by using a near-field microwave microprobe / H. Melikyan [and others]. Image segmentation based on fuzzy MFA / K.D. Ban and Y.K. Chung. Low error and real-time stereo vison algorithm for 3D visual inspection / S.C. Park and H. Jeong. Analysis of the detection of voids of construction joints and shapes of inner cavities in concrete using an ultrasonic pulse velocity method / S.K. Park and D.H. Choi. Radial image processing in the discrete polar coordinate / W.H. Kim, H.J. Kim and S.M. Kim. Nonlinear diffusion equation for image denoising in mixed-Gaussian noise environment / H.I. Hahn and D.H. Ryu.
Study on the fiber orientation of weld line parts during the injection molding of fiber reinforced plastic by image processing / J.W. Kim and D.G. Lee. Real-time face and hand discrimination and 3d position extraction using a stereo vision embedded system / Y.K. Kim [and others]. Non-destructive evaluaion of cement-grout by surface electrical resistivty method / M. Farooq [and others]. Efficient clustering based on the image context for the object recognition / E.J. Koh [and others]. The development of displacement measurement system by using CCD camera / H.S. Jeon [and others]. Image restoration by using a Wiener filter designed for digital X-ray imaging systems / S.Y. Lee [and others].
Section 8. IR thermography. Current and future role of medical thermography / J.Y. Park. Experimental design and evaluation of thermographic reference block / W.T. Kim, J.H. Park and K.S. Kang. Detection of defects in lumber using IR thermography / C.D. Eom [and others]. A study on nondestructive evaluation of painted metal by using IR thermography / S.H. Chol, K.S. Song and J.Y. Kim. Fast and reliable detection of superficial intracranial hemorrhage by hand-held device using near-infrared / J.Y. Park, S.D. Kim and D.J. Lim.
Section 9. Materials properties. AE characteristics of pre-cracked charpy specimens for the multi-passed weldment for the pressure vessel steel / E.G. Na, H. Kim and S.K. Lee. Deformation of pure magnesium in tensile test investigated by STFT of AE signals / Y. Li and M. Enoki. Dynamic characterization on al-alloy foam damaged By cyclic load / I.H. Kim [and others]. Glucose concentration monitoring using a surface plasmon polariton / A. Babajanyan [and others]. Stiffness and energy loss characteristics during saturating-drying process in low porosity rock / T.M. Oh [and others]. Numerical and experimental studies on cooling patterns of Al-Mg system alloy material during the casting product process / Y.K. Oh, H.S. Yoon and H.D. Yang. Homogenized material properties and mechanical behavior of hybrid functionally graded composites / J.H. Choi and J.R. Cho. Glucose biosensing by using a microwave dielectric resonator / J.C. Kim [and others].
Influence of fineness of limestone powder on external sulfate attack / H.S. Jung [and others]. Enhancement of detection efficiency for G-type nerve agent simulants based on DBR porous silicon / S.H. Jang [and others]. An analysis for mechanical properties of rubber granule layer of synthetic surfaced track / K.W. Kang [and others]. The measurement of thermal diffusivity for semi-infinite solid using the photothermal displacement method / P.S. Jeon [and others]. A study on the Bauschinger effect of gun barrel high strength steel / W.S. Shim [and others]. The effect of shot peening on the improvement of fatigue strength and fatigue crack characteristics of the aluminum alloys / T.H. Song [and others]. A study on the X-ray diffraction analysis and the fatigue crack growth behavior for the aluminum alloys / M.B. Lim [and others]. A study on laser surface hardening of tool steel using optical pyrometry / Y.T. Yoo and H.J. Shin.
The effect of niobium according to solution annealing and age hardening of high strength steel / B.H. Choi, K.C. Jang and B.K. Choi. A study on the supercooling characteristics of TMA-water clathrate compound as low temperature latent heat storage material / C.O. Kim, N.K. Chung and J.H. Kim. Optical characterization of Sensory Rhodopsin II thin films using a near-field microwave microscope / S.H. Kim [and others].
Summary This volume comprises papers presented at the 2nd International Conference on Advanced Nondestructive Evaluation (ANDE 2007) held in Busan, Korea, on October 17-19, 2007. Many of the excellent papers included in this book show the current state of nondestructive technologies, which are experiencing rapid progress with the integration of emerging technologies in various fields. As such, this volume provides an avenue for both specialists and scholars to share their ideas and the results of their findings in the field of nondestructive evaluation.
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Advanced nondestructive evaluation two
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