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111 2  International Conference on Advanced Nondestructive 
       Testing|n(2nd :|d2007 :|cPusan, Korea) 
245 10 Advanced nondestructive evaluation II|h[electronic 
       resource] :|bproceedings of the International Conference 
       on ANDE 2007, the 2nd International Conference on Advanced
       Nondestructive Testing /|ceditors, Seung-Seok Lee [and 
260    Singapore ;|aHackensack, N.J. :|bWorld Scientific Pub. Co.,
300    1 online resource. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
500    Pages numbered: xxvii, 775-1479. 
500    Section 10. Micro sensor and MEMS. Angle effect of micro-
       scale crosshatch grooved patterns under lubricated sliding
       contact /Y. H. Chae. Effect of micro-scale dimple size on 
       steel surface under lubricated sliding contact /Y. H. 
500    Section 11. Modeling and simulation. Finite element 
       analysis of laser stitch welded high strength steels for 
       automotive / H.S. Bang [and others]. Evaluating the 
       quality of soil grouting by the SASW method / P.H. Tsai 
       and J. Lai. Stress analysis of mandibular first premolar 
       with finite element models / K.S. Chun [and others]. 
       Cascaded linear-systems analysis of CMOS flat-panel 
       detectors for digital radiography / S.M. Yun [and others].
       Numerical analysis on 3-dimensional thermal deformation of
       automobile tire mold using Al alloy 5000 series material /
       Y.K. Oh, Y.S. Kim and H.S. Yoon. Modeling of dielectric 
       response of oil-paper insulation systems using return 
       voltage method / S.H. Lee, D.G. Park and S.O. Han. 
       Residual stress analysis and measurement of fuel injection
       pipe / S.K. Koh and E.G. Na. Numerical analysis and 
       experimental studies on current shunts for clamp on meter 
       / W.W.S. Wijesinghe and Y.T. Park. 
500    System identification of a steel bridge using modal 
       flexibility matrix / K.Y. Koo [and others]. Geometric 
       calibration in CBCT using coordinates-transformed sampling
       / S.K. Heo, M.K. Cho and H.K. Kim. Inverse analysis of 
       stress-strain distribution from monitored response of 
       structures / H.S. Shin, D.G. Kim and S.H. Baek. Optimal 
       design of an linear motion mechanism / J.S. Lee and E.J. 
       Park. Effects of pulse train characteristics on the 
       through transmission pulsed eddy current signal / Y.K. 
       Shin and D.M. Choi. A study on the critical fracture 
       pressure on the Al2O3 ceramic circular plate under shock 
       impact / Y.S. Lee [and others]. A study on evaluation of 
       shear strength of nature-friendly costal environment block
       connection / C.H. Kim. Simulation studies for the 
       influence of tomographic parameters on the image quality 
       of digital X-ray tomosynthesis / J.E. Oh [and others]. The
       characteristics of bilge separation sensor system for 
       improving accuracy / W.S. Che, K.W. 
500    Kim and H.S. Kwon. A study on the evaluation sliding 
       behavior of nature-friendly assembled conduit connection /
       C.H. Kim. Design and simulation of roll forming process 
       for under rail / S.H. Jeong, S.H. Lee and G.H. Kim. 
       Possible effects of FSW tool pin configuration on residual
       stress distribution / Y.G. Kweon [and others]. Design and 
       characterization of MR damper / H.L. Kim [and others]. 
       Time reversal reconstruction of dispersive ultrasonic lamb
       waves in thin plates / H.J. Jeong. 
500    Section 12. NDE for biosystem and agriculture. 
       Investigation of rice taste elements at wide area, using 
       remote sensing and GIS technology / T. Ueda [and others]. 
       Line-scan spectral imaging system for online poultry 
       carcass inspection / K. Chao, C.C. Yang and M.S. Kim. 
       Bending strength prediction of structural lumber by X-ray 
       scanner / J.K. Oh [and others]. Field application of the 
       ultrasonic CT technique for evaluating deterioration in 
       ancient wooden building / S.J. Lee, K.M. Kim and J.J. Lee.
       Estimation of optimal plucking time of green-tea using 
       canopy reflectance / T. Kurimoto [and others]. Sampling 
       and calibration requirements for soil property estimation 
       using NIR spectroscopy / K.S. Lee [and others]. Detection 
       of bone and cartilage of beef using magnetic resonance 
       imaging / S.M. Kim [and others]. Realtime monitoring of 
       tomato concentrate processing using RF sensors / S.M. Kim 
       [and others]. Cataloging of olive accessions using 
       magnetic resonance technique / S.M. 
500    Kim [and others]. Quantitative evaluation of knot in 
       Japanese larch lumber using X-ray scanning / J.K. Oh [and 
       others]. Estimation of nitrogen content of rice using 
       hypersepcetral remote sensing / C.S. Ryu, M. Suguri and M.
       Umeda. Estimation of quality and quantaty of green-tea by 
       hyperspectral image / M. Suguri, C.S. Ryu and M. Umeda. 
       Detection of fecal residue on poultry carcasses by laser 
       induced fluorescence imaging / B.K. Cho [and others]. 
       Detection of pathogenic salmonella in milk by using an 
       impedance biosensor / G.Y. Kim [and others]. 
500    Section 13. NDE in electronic industry. Self-layer 
       subtractive digital tomosynthesis / M.K. Cho, S.K. Heo and
       H.K. Kim. Study for blade ceramic coating delamination 
       detection for gas turbine / C.J. Choi [and others]. 
       Tomography image nondestructive measurement for melt 
       polymer morphology / L. Lifu. Nondestructive 
       characteristics of 1080 and 5083 aluminum alloy by ECAP / 
       K.W. Nam [and others]. Characteristics of laser 
       transformation hardening for rod-shaped medium carbon 
       steel(SM45C) by Gaussian beam / J.D. Kim, J.S. Oh and W.J.
       Kang. A study on the weldability of aluminized steel sheet
       by Nd:YAG laser / J.D. Kim, M.H. Lee and J.H. Lee. 
       Monitoring of [symbol] hydrate formation in sediments 
       using compressional wave velocity / T.H. Kwon [and 
       others]. Formation mechanisms of weld defects and dynamic 
       behavior of keyhole in galvanized steel welding by 
       [symbol] laser / J.D. Kim and H.J. Park. 
500    Section 14. NDT for infrastructure. The development and 
       application of a new elastic-wave-based scanning system 
       for imaging defects inside concrete structures / J.H. Tong
       [and others]. Spectral energy transmission method for 
       crack depth estimation in concrete / J.Y. Min [and 
       others]. Development of landslide early detection system 
       using microwave / H.C. Rhim and L.H. Jin. Feasibility of 
       evaluating the compaction quality of soils by the impact 
       echo method / J. Lai, C.Y. Chiu and C.C. Cheng. Color 
       change and residual compressive strength of concrete 
       exposed to high temperature using spectrophotometric 
       method / J.W. Lee, K.H. Choi and K.P. Hong. Identify the 
       locations of concrete cracks with employing the improved 
       active contour model to extract regional boundaries from 
       GPR / Y. Huang and S.C. Hsu. Non-destructive evaluation of
       asphalt concrete pavement system using FWD tests 
       considering modeling errors / J.H. Yi [and others]. 
500    Nondestructive identification of fatigue cracking in a 
       composite actuator with a PZT ceramic during 
       electromechanical cyclic loading / S.C. Woo and N.S. Goo. 
       Estimation of mechanical properties of concrete from the 
       drilling resistance parameters / S.H. Chang [and others]. 
       Implementation of bender elements for measuring stiffness 
       changes of concrete materials due to cracking / Z.O. An 
       [and others]. A framework for nondestructive evaluation 
       methods accounting for uncertainty of model and aging 
       effect of concrete / K.J. Hong and J.S. Kim. A study of 
       the structural internal assessment of concrete slab using 
       the ground penetrating radar exploration / S.U. Hong and 
       Y.S. Cho. 
500    Section 15. NDT in nuclear industry. Remote measurement of
       pipe wall thinning by microwaves / Y. Ju. 3-dimensional 
       quantitative measurement of a geometric anomaly in steam 
       generator tubes using a diagnostic eddy current probe (D-
       probe) / D.H. Lee [and others]. Methodology for detecting 
       failed fuel assembly in a liquid metal reactor / S.H. 
       Seong [and others]. Development of magnetic phase 
       detection sensor for the steam generator tube in nuclear 
       power plants / D. Son [and others]. Study on a neutron 
       flux detection and its digital signal processing for 
       nuclear reactors / S. Hur [and others]. Development of an 
       underwater UT inspection system for reactor welding areas 
       / Y.R. Choi and J.C. Lee. Development of 3D image 
       processing software for UT-NDE of steam generator of 
       nuclear power plant / M.W. Nam [and others]. 
500    Section 16. NDT in power plant. Characteristics of phased 
       array UT crack evaluation with the number of active 
       element and scan angle changes / Y.S. Cho and J.H. Kim. 
       Development of water absorption test equipment for 
       generator stator windings in power plant / Y.C. Bae, H.S. 
       Kim and D.Y. Lee. Assessment of fluid leak for power plant
       valve using Pb-free acoustic emission sensor / S.G. Lee 
       and S.K. Park. Leak diagnosis of control valves for power 
       plants using multi-measuring methods / S.G. Lee, J.H. Park
       and Y.B. Kim. Effects of magnetic phase on the ECT signal 
       in the SG tubes / D.G. Park [and others]. SG eddy current 
       issues updates in Korea / S.J. Kim [and others]. 
       Application of digital radiography inspection for pipe 
       weldments in the power plants / S.K. Park [and others]. 
       Evaluation of residual stress for boiler welds in thermal 
       power plant by nondestructive method / K.B. Yoo and J.H. 
500    Section 20. Optical method. A study on the analysis of O-
       ring under uniform squeeze rate and internal pressure by 
       photoelastic experimental hybrid method / O.S. Kwon [and 
       others]. Quantitative magnetic imaging using magneto-
       optical method / T. Ishibashi and K. Sato. Measurement of 
       modulation transfer function of an optical system by using
       skew ray tracing / T.T. Liao, J.F. Lin and C.H. Lu. 
       Digital speckle pattern interferometer to measure the 
       deformation distributions of a tensile specimen / S.K. 
       Park [and others]. 
500    Measurement of the concentration of glucose by a circular 
       polariscope with electro-optic modulation / J.F. Lin, T.T.
       Liao and C.C. Chang. Fabrication and characterization of 
       prismatic band filter gradient rugate porous silicon / 
       J.H. Kim [and others]. Analysis of chemically induced 
       residual stress in polymeric thin film using curvature 
       measurement method / S.S. Lee, I.W. Jeon and M.H. Yi. 
500    Section 21. Railways. Fatigue life evaluation for the 
       floor system of a steel railway bridge / D.H. Choi [and 
       others]. Stress intensity factor calculation on critical 
       points of railway bogie frame / H.K. Jun. A study on 
       partial side wears for the brake system of railway 
       vehicles / J.H. Song [and others]. Sensitivity for 
       internal and surface defects of railway wheel using 
       induced current focusing potential drop / S.J. Kwon, D.H. 
       Lee and J.W. Seo. The effect of the evolution of contact 
       surface profile on fatigue crack nucleation site in press-
       fitted shaft / D.H. Lee [and others]. The influences of 
       the wheel profiles on the wheel wear and vibrational 
       characteristics of the passenger cars running on the 
       Kyeongbu line / C.W. Lee and J.C. Kim. Evaluation of 
       strength for bogie frame of railway freight car through 
       finite element analysis / Y.S. Ham. Measurement of the 
       lateral displacement of the wheel-rail based on the vision
       sensor / M.S. Kim and W.H. You. 
500    Section 22. Reliabilty. Reliability analysis of static 
       bearing capacity evaluation of driven steel pipe piles 
       using MCS / J.H. Park [and others]. Safety assessment of 
       subway rolling stocks using nondestructive evalaution and 
       engineering analysis techniques / J.G. Kim [and others]. 
       Failure analysis of integrated circuits based on 
       nondestructive evaluation / H.J. Kim, K.H. Um and S.J. 
       Shin. An analysis of the main effect factors of brush wear
       for automotive blower motors / W.G. Shin, S.H. Lee and 
       Y.S. Song. Design & reliability of an optimal structure 
       using neural network / J.S. Lee. Comparison of the 
       mechanical properties of laser and arc welded 9Cr-1Mo 
       steel / C.I. Oh [and others]. Artificial neural network 
       (ANN)-based reliability analysis of a fiber reinforced 
       polymer (FRP) Deck / D.H. Kim, D.K. Kim and J. Cui. 
       Mechanical characteristics of hybrid welded joints of 
       Galvalume steel / Y.H. Kim [and others]. 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 0  Ultrasonic signal processing algorithm for detecting the 
       keyway cracks on turbine rotor disk / S.I. Cho [and 
       others] -- Section 17. Neutron radiography. Experimental 
       approach for water discharge characteristics of PEMFC by 
       using neutron imaging technique at NRF, Hanaro / T.J. Kim 
       [and others] -- Section 18. New methods and devices. 
       Optimal design of an ultrasonic array sensor for NDE 
       applications / H.Y. Kim and Y.R. Roh. Design of special 
       shoes with a position control device for water level 
       gauging in a bellows tube / K.M. Koo [and others]. A study
       on inhalation force improvements of ventilation hood to 
       remove a harmful material / H.D. Yang and Y.K. Oh -- 
       Section 19. Nonlinear phenomenon. Acoustic nonlinearity of
       zironium alloy by a resonant ultrasound spectroscopy / 
       Y.M. Cheong and Y.S. Kim. Experimental Study on nonlinear 
       acoustic properties of contacting solid interfaces / J.Y. 
       Kim, A. Baltazar and J.S. Lee. 
505 0  Analysis of round robin test for reliability evaluation on
       ultrasonic thickness measurement of wall thinned pipe in 
       nuclear power plant / J.H. Lee, D.H. Lee and S.H. Lee. 
       Boundary element analysis of osmotic blistering behavior 
       of polymeric coating film / S.S. Lee -- Section 23. Signal
       processing. Gearbox condition monitoring using feature 
       samples and principal component analysis. An adaptive 
       filter for the minimization of tracking error in a non-
       minimum phase beam with uncertainty / Y.S. Lee. A robust 
       error-adaptive NLMS algorithm for echo cancellations / 
       M.S. Kim. 
505 0  Section 24. Smart structure and system. Development of a 
       lateral mode piezoelectric oscillator sensor to detect 
       damages in a structure / Y.R. Roh and B.S. Kim. Retrofit 
       of concrete cylinders by steel jackets with lateral 
       confining stress / E.S. Choi [and others]. Piezoelectric 
       sensor self diagnostics using a modified impedance model /
       S.H. Park [and others]. Smart particles containing 
       multiple photonic band gaps based on rugate-structured 
       porous silicon / S.J. Kim [and others] -- Section 25. 
       Vibration. Accurate vibration analysis of N-sided 
       poplygonal Mindlin plates with V-notches or sharp cracks /
       J.W. Kim and H.Y. Jung. Active structural control 
       technique using lattice probabilistic neural network based
       on learning rule / D.H. Kim. Corner stress singularity 
       effects on the vibration of skew plates having V-notches 
       or sharp cracks / J.W. Kim and H.Y. Jung. Effects of tip 
       mass on stability of rotating cantilever pipe conveying 
       fluid with crack / I.S. Son. 
520    This volume comprises papers presented at the 2nd 
       International Conference on Advanced Nondestructive 
       Evaluation (ANDE 2007) held in Busan, Korea, on October 17
       -19, 2007. Many of the excellent papers included in this 
       book show the current state of nondestructive technologies,
       which are experiencing rapid progress with the integration
       of emerging technologies in various fields. As such, this 
       volume provides an avenue for both specialists and 
       scholars to share their ideas and the results of their 
       findings in the field of nondestructive evaluation. 
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