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LEADER 00000cz  a2200205n  4500 
001    325477 
005    20070717125245.0 
008    891222n| acaaaaaa|          |a ana       
010    n  86706156 
035    (DLC)n  86706156 
040    DLC|cDLC|dDLC 
130  0 Poet of the month 
530  0 |wb|aPoets of the year 
642    Dec. 1942|5DLC 
643    Norfolk, Conn.|bNew Directions ([United States] : Blue Ox 
644    f|5DLC 
645    t|5DLC 
646    s|5DLC 
670    A Wreath of Christmas poems, 1942:|bt.p. (The poet of the 
       month) back flap (a series of poetry booklets issued 
       monthly; each number is printed by a different fine press)
       another issue, t.p. (The poets of the year) back flap 
       (same information as on 1st issue) 
670    NUC pre-1956|b(The poet of the month: see Poets of the 
       year [later title])