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001    n  50038383  
003    DLC 
005    20151222051023.0 
008    800721n| azannaabn          |b aaa       
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035    (OCoLC)oca00073606 
035    (Uk)000159474 
040    DLC|beng|erda|cDLC|dDLC|dUk|dOCoLC|dUk 
046    |f1848-02-24|g1899-10-28|2edtf 
046    |f1848-02-24|g1899-10-25|2edtf 
053  0 PR4004.A2 
100 1  Allen, Grant,|d1848-1899 
370    Kingston (Ont.)|bHindhead (England)|cGreat Britain
       |cJamaica|cCanada|fOxford (England)|fSpanish Town 
375    male 
377    eng 
378    |qCharles Grant Blairfindie 
400 1  Allen, Charles Grant Blairfindie,|d1848-1899 
400 1  עלען, גרענט,|d1848-1899 
500 1  |wnnnc|aRayner, Olive Pratt,|d1848-1899 
500 1  |wnnnc|aPower, Cecil,|d1848-1899 
500 1  |wnnnc|aWarborough, Martin Leach,|d1848-1899 
663    For works of this author entered under other names, search
       also under|bRayner, Olive Pratt, 1848-1899,|bPower, Cecil,
       1848-1899.|bWarborough, Martin Leach,1848-1899 
667    Machine-derived non-Latin script reference project. 
667    Non-Latin script reference not evaluated. 
667    Pseudonyms not found on published works: J. Arbuthnot 
670    nuc90-47796: His Philistia [MI] c1884|b(hdg. on GmC rept.:
       Allen, Grant, 1848-1899; usage: Cecil Power) 
670    nuc90-11302: His The type-writer girl [MI] 1897|b(hdg. on 
       NN rept.: Allen, Grant, 1848-1899; usage: Olive Pratt 
670    LC data base, 09-06-90|b(hdg.: Allen, Grant, 1848-1899; 
       usage: Grant Allen) 
670    Website for Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia, May 
       17, 2001 (|b(on-line Grant Allen 
       Annotated Bibliography by Peter Morton: Grant Allen used 
       four different pseudonyms: J. Arbuthnot Wilson, Cecil 
       Power, Olive Pratt Rayner, Martin Leach Warborough) 
670    Literature Resource Center website, 21 Dec. 2015:|bsource:
       British Fantasy and Science-Fiction Writers Before World 
       War I. Ed. Darren Harris-Fain. Dictionary of Literary 
       Biography Vol. 178. Detroit: Gale, 1997 (Grant Allen; 
       a.k.a. Cecil Power, Olive Pratt Rayner, Martin Leach 
       Warborough; Charles Grant Blairfindie Allen was born on 24
       February 1848 at Alwington, near Kingston, Ontario; 
       graduated from Meron College, Oxford University in 1871; 
       taught for three years at in Spanish Town, Jamaica; he 
       returned to England and began to try to make a living from
       his writing, first as a popularizer of evolutionary 
       science, later on a variety of other subjects; he died on 
       28 October 1899; though his professional writing career 
       was not much more than twenty years long, Grant Allen was 
       enormously productive; he published more than thirty 
       novels, half a dozen volumes of short stories, a volume of
       poetry, and well over thirty non-fiction books on subjects
       as varied as Anglo-Saxon Britain, Charles Darwin and 
       evolutionary theory, aesthetics, anthropology, botany, 
       socialism, the Woman Question, and the British countryside,
       as well as a series of popular historical guidebooks to 
       European cities; lists works) 
670    The Literature Network website, 21 Dec. 2015|b(Grant Allen
       (1848-1899), Canadian anthropologist, scientific writer, 
       novelist and poet; Charles Grant Blairfindie Allen was 
       born on Wolfe Island, near Kingston, Ontario, on 24 
       February, 1848; he died at his home in Hindhead, Haslemere,
       Surrey, England on October 25, 1899)