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245 00 Canada before television :|bradio, taste, and the struggle
       for cultural democracy /|cLen Kuffert. 
264  1 Montreal [Quebećbec] :|bMcGill-Queen's University Press,
264  4 |c©2016 
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504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Introduction: "Fashioned as We Go Along" -- 1 "Telling Me 
       and No One Else": Intimacy -- 2 "The Only Other People Who
       Exist": American Programming -- 3 "The Dark Radio Cloud 
       Over Here": British Affiliation -- 4 "We Introduce 
       Ourselves Almost by Force": Regulating Radio -- 5 "Our Job
       Has Not Been Fully Done": Music -- 6 "Everywhere among All
       of Us": Broadcasting and Cultural Democracy -- Conclusion.
520    "The work is a history of the first phase of broadcasting 
       in Canada, roughly comprising the years 1920-1956, during 
       which radio was still the dominant technology for reaching
       local and national audiences. Its focus is English-
       speaking Canada's radio industry, which developed 
       differently from the Francophone side and was subject to 
       direct competition from American broadcasting outlets. The
       work argues that broadcasters in Canada before television 
       spent considerable money, time, and effort attempting to 
       figure out which kinds of programs people liked and how 
       listeners could be engaged by radio. Assumptions about 
       listeners' habits and dispositions varied, and within a 
       mixed private-public broadcasting industry there was no 
       shortage of free advice about what should go on the air or
       how to make programs. Though maligned as elitists by some 
       of their contemporaries, public broadcasters (working 
       through the CBC from 1936 on) hoped to realize a 
       democratic vision of broadcasting, a vision in which 
       programs appealing to mainstream tastes remained prominent,
       but with no listeners 'left behind'. In six topical 
       chapters (intimacy, America, Britain, regulation, music, 
       minority) the work mines archival sources from Canada, the
       US, and the UK, as well as the existing historiography of 
       broadcasting. It is not in-depth analysis of programming 
       content, but rather concerns itself with the ways that 
       Canadian broadcasting's evolving structure, the goals of 
       broadcasters, prevailing and shifting tastes and norms, 
       and listeners' expectations all affected programs and 
       policies."--|cProvided by publisher. 
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650  0 Radio broadcasting|zCanada|xHistory. 
650  0 Radio broadcasting|xSocial aspects|zCanada. 
650  0 Radio broadcasting policy|zCanada|xHistory. 
650  0 Public radio|xSocial aspects|zCanada. 
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