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245 00 Batik, traditional textiles of Indonesia :|bfrom the 
       Rudolf Smend & Donald Harper collections /|ccontributors, 
       Inger McCabe Elliott, Annegret Haake, Donald Harper, 
       Jonathan Hope, Brigitte Khan Majlis, Rudolf Smend, Antje 
       Soléau, Haryani Winotosastro, Maria Wrońska-Friend ; 
       captions, Maria Wrońska-Friend. 
264  1 Tokyo ;|aRutland, Vermont :|bTuttle Publishing ;|aCologne 
       :|bGalerie Smend,|c[2015] 
300    1 online resource (176 pages) :|billustrations, map 
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504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 170-171). 
505 0  My Introduction to the World of Batik / Donald Harper -- 
       Batik and I / Jonathan Hope -- Attracted by Javanese 
       Culture / Annegret Haake -- Batik : Fabled Cloth of Java /
       Inger McCabe Elliott -- A Prophetic Gift / Brigitte Khan 
       Majlis -- Chance, Fate or Magic? / Rudolf Smend -- Back to
       His Roots / Antje Soléau -- Javanese Batik to the World / 
       Maria Wrońska-Friend -- Growing up With Batik / Haryani 
520    Batik occupies a special place in Indonesian culture. Each
       fabric has a rich story to tell--as a reflection of the 
       nation's religious beliefs, sophisticated court cultures 
       and cosmopolitan history. The extraordinary textiles in 
       this book are from the collections of Rudolf Smend and 
       Donald Harper. Most date from the period 1880 to 1930 when
       the art of batik reached its apogee. Having collected 
       historic batik for over thirty years and published two 
       books on the subject, Rudolf Smend has invited his friend 
       and fellow batik specialist Donald Harper to contribute 
       his fine collection to this publication as well. None of 
       the batik in this book have been published before. They 
       represent an exquisite cross-section of the batik 
       production of Java--the most important batik-producing 
       region in the world. The cloths are complemented by 
       vintage photographs from the first quarter of the 20th 
       century demonstrating how the batik were worn at court and
       at home. Three are from museums in Dresden and Cologne, 
       while three are from the private collection of Leo Haks. 
       The others have been collected over the past 30 years from
       private sources in Java. The captions are by Maria Wronska
       -Friend, an ethnologist and batik expert who frequently 
       visits Indonesian batik centers and has worked for many 
       years as an anthropologist in Papua New Guinea. Her 
       contributions provide fundamental knowledge for lovers of 
       this art form while at the same time providing new 
       insights for experts. 
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776 08 |iPrint version:|tBatik, traditional textiles of 
       Indonesia.|dTokyo ; Rutland, Vermont : Tuttle Publishing ;
       Cologne : Galerie Smend, [2015]|z9780804846431|w(DLC)  
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