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100 1  Suojanen, Marko,|eauthor. 
245 10 Military communications in the future battlefield /|cMarko
264  1 Boston :|bArtech House,|c[2018] 
300    1 online resource :|billustrations 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Artech House electronic warfare library 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Military Communications in the Future Battlefield; 
       Contents; Preface; 1 Introduction; 1.1 Information-Centric
       Warfare; 1.1.1 Two-Sided War Games in the Development of 
       Operational Excellence and Future Capability Requirements;
       1.1.2 Characteristics of Future Operating Environments; 
       1.2 Implications of Technology Development on Command and 
       Control Functionality; 1.2.1 Implications of Cross-Cutting
       Technologies on Command and Control Functionality; 1.2.2 
       Command and Control in Network-Centric Environment 
       Challenged by Autonomous Systems and Cyber Activities. 
505 8  1.3 Contents of the Following Chapters in This 
       BookReferences; 2 Scenario-Based Capability Planning in C2
       Context; 2.1 C2-Related Definitions; 2.2 C2 and Network-
       Centric Warfare; 2.3 Capability-Based Planning and Threat-
       Based Planning; 2.4 Capability-Based and Threat-Based 
       Planning from the C2 Perspective; 2.5 Key Military 
       Definitions from an Operational Perspective; 2.6 Joint 
       Capability Areas; 2.7 Joint Capability Areas in 
       Identification of the Most Important Requirements; 2.8 
       Military Communications Scenario in the Future 
505 8  2.8.1 Characteristics of a Military Communications 
       Scenario in Scarcely Populated Areas2.8.2 Characteristics 
       of a Military Communications Scenario in Rural Areas; 
       2.8.3 Characteristics of a Military Communications 
       Scenario in Suburban Areas; 2.8.4 Characteristics of a 
       Military Communications Scenario in Urban Areas; 2.8.5 
       Description of Fictitious Military Communications Scenario
       in the Future Battlefield; References; 3 Communications 
       Systems; 3.1 Requirements for Military Communications; 
       3.1.1 Command-on-the-Move; 3.1.2 Electromagnetic Spectrum.
505 8  3.1.3 Importance of Redundancy, Radio Silence, and Several
       Communications Alternatives3.2 Communications Chain; 3.2.1
       Communications Transmitters; 3.2.2 Communications 
       Receivers; 3.2.3 Spread Spectrum Systems; 3.2.4 
       Communications Antennas; 3.3 Generic Parameters and 
       Characteristics of Selected Civilian Communications 
       Systems and Military Radios; 3.3.1 Military Communications
       Systems; 3.3.2 Short-Range Civilian Communications 
       Systems; 3.3.3 Long-Range Cellular Communications Sys; 
       References; 4 Situational and Context Awareness; 4.1 
       Context Awareness. 
505 8  4.2 Interaction with Smart Objects in Location- and AR-
       Based Applications4.2.1 Close-Range Interaction with Smart
       Objects; 4.2.2 Short-Range Interaction with Smart Objects;
       4.2.3 Long-Range Interaction with Smart Objects; 4.3 
       Location-Based AR Applications; 4.4 Dual-Use AI-Supported 
       Situational Awareness; 4.5 Context-Aware Military AR 
       Applications for Improved Situational Awareness; 4.5.1 
       Situational Awareness Support Based on AR; 4.5.2 AR 
       Support for Finding Communications Opportunities; 
       References; 5 Radio Wave Propagation; 5.1 RF Propagation 
       Phenomena in Wireless Communications Medi. 
520 3  Taking an applications-oriented view, this unique volume 
       delivers a forward-looking roadmap to military 
       communications. This hands-on reference offers military 
       and security technology practitioners insights into the 
       key issues related to long-term development within the 
       battlefield communications area. The book presents the 
       technological alternatives for communication in the 
       battlefield in unexpected situations and environments. 
       This authoritative resource discusses unstructured 
       formations of actors using a holistic approach that 
       considers key capability requirements.nnProfessionals and 
       officers learn how to prepare for the unexpected and start
       building agile, adaptive and cognitive systems that are 
       needed in future operating environments. From scenario-
       based capability planning ... to situational and context 
       awareness ... to unmanned ground and aerial platforms, 
       this easy-to-understand book covers the critical topics 
       that practitioners need to master to achieve top 
       performance in the battlefield.|cPublisher abstract. 
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590    eBooks on EBSCOhost|bEBSCO eBook Subscription Academic 
       Collection - North America 
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650  0 Communications, Military|xEquipment and supplies. 
653    TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / Military Science 
653    Technology, Engineering, Agriculture 
653    Technologie, Ingenieurswissenschaft, Landwirtschaft 
653    Technologie, ingénierie et agriculture 
653    Other technologies & applied sciences 
653    Andere Technologien und verwandte Wissenschaften 
653    Autres technologies et sciences appliquées 
653    Military engineering 
653    Militärtechnik 
653    Génie militaire 
655  4 Electronic books. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aSuojanen, Marko.|tMilitary 
       Communications in the Future Battlefield.|dBoston : Artech
       House, [2018]|z1630813338|w(DLC)  2018289214
830  0 Artech House electronic warfare library. 
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