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100 1  Gana, Nouri. 
245 14 The Edinburgh Companion to the Arab Novel in English
       |h[electronic resource] :|bthe Politics of Anglo Arab and 
       Arab American Literature and Culture. 
260    Edinburgh :|bEdinburgh University Press,|c2013. 
300    1 online resource (513 pages) 
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500    Place, Dialogics and the Construction of Identity. 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Acknowledgments; Notes on the Contributors; Introduction: 
       The Intellectual History and Contemporary Significance of 
       the Arab Novel in English; Novel Formations: Transnational
       Collaborative Entanglements; The Preoccupations of the 
       Arab Novel in English; Notes; Part I -- Constellations: 
       Modernity, Empire and Postcoloniality; Chapter 1 -- The 
       Rise of the Arab American Novel: Ameen Rihani's The Book 
       of Khalid; Notes; Chapter 2 -- Beyond Orientalism: Khalid,
       the Secular City and the Transcultural Self; Khalid, 
       Migration and the Arab Experience of Secularization. 
505 8  Khalid and the Spiritual Challenges of the Secular 
       CityKhalid and Orientalism; Khalid and the Authentic 
       Transcultural Self; In Conclusion: The Book of Khalid as 
       Pioneer Arab Anglophone Novel; Notes; Chapter 3 -- The 
       Incestuous (Post)Colonial: Soueif 's Map of Love and the 
       Second Birth of the Egyptian Novel in English; Past or 
       Post? The Problem of Generation; Euro-Egyptian 
       Renaissances and the "Othered" Mother; The "Impurity" of 
       Modern Arabic; Notes; Chapter 4 -- Drinking, Gambling and 
       Making Merry: Waguih Ghali's Search for Cosmopolitan 
       Agency; Postcolonial Anger. 
505 8  Tripartite Assault on Egyptian IdentityCosmopolitan Jew; 
       Infinite Ways of Being; Notes; Chapter 5 -- Mobile 
       Belonging? The Global "Given" in the Work of Etel Adnan; 
       Notes; Chapter 6 -- Burning, Memory and Postcolonial 
       Agency in Laila Lalami's Hope and Other Dangerous 
       Pursuits; Language Politics and the Politics of Exclusion;
       History, Memory and Identity; Agency Regained; Conclusion;
       Notes; Chapter 7 -- Zenga Zenga and Bunga Bunga: The 
       Novels of Hisham Matar and a Critique of Gaddafi's Libya; 
       Disciplinary Violence and Biopower in In the Country of 
       Men and Anatomy of a Disappearance. 
505 8  Necropower and Anatomy of a DisappearanceConclusion; 
       Notes; Part II -- Force-fields: Ethnic Ties and 
       Transnational Solidarities; Chapter 8 -- In Search of 
       Andalusia: Reconfiguring Arabness in Diana Abu-Jaber's 
       Crescent; Moorish Passages; Andalusian Imaginary Marks; 
       Notes; Chapter 9 -- Europe and Its Others: The Novels of 
       Jamal Mahjoub; The Politics of Unbelonging: Navigation of 
       a Rainmaker and Wings of Dust; Historicizing Euro-Arab 
       Encounters: In the Hour of Signs and The Carrier; 
       Contemporary European Migrants in Travelling with Djinns; 
       Others within Europe: The Drift Latitudes; Coda; Notes. 
505 8  Chapter 10 -- Space, Embodiment, Identity and Resistance 
       in the Novels of Fadia FaqirHome, Prison, Asylum; 
       Migration, Margins, Mappings; Decoding, Reframing, 
       Disappearing; Notes; Chapter 11 -- The Arab Canadian Novel
       and the Rise of Rawi Hage; Arab Canadian Literature and 
       the Rise of the Novel; Plunging Underground: Rawi Hage and
       the Rise of the Cockroach; Notes; Chapter 12 -- The Arab 
       Australian Novel: Situating Diasporic and Multicultural 
       Literature; I; II; III; Notes; Chapter 13 -- Identity, 
       Transformation and the Anglophone Arab Novel; Centers and 
       Margins: An Unstable Trope. 
520    Opening up the field of diasporic Anglo-Arab literature to
       critical debate, this companion spans from the first Arab 
       novel in 1911 to the resurgence of the Anglo-Arabic novel 
       in the last 20 years. There are chapters on authors such 
       as Ameen Rihani, Ahdaf Soueif and Waguih Ghali, and 
       interviews with Laila Lalami, Hisham Matar and Fadia 
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650  0 English fiction|xArab authors|xHistory and criticism. 
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650  0 English literature|xArab authors|xHistory and criticism. 
650  0 English literature|y20th century|xHistory and criticism. 
650  0 English literature|y21st century|xHistory and criticism. 
655  4 Electronic books. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aGana, Nouri.|tEdinburgh Companion to the
       Arab Novel in English : The Politics of Anglo Arab and 
       Arab American Literature and Culture.|dEdinburgh : 
       Edinburgh University Press, ©2013|z9780748685530 
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