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245 00 Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament 
       with Supplement /|cJames B. Pritchard. 
264  1 Princeton, NJ :|bPrinceton University Press,|c[2016] 
264  4 |c©1955 
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490 0  Princeton Studies on the Near East 
505 00 |tFrontmatter --|tContents --|tIntroduction --
       |tIntroduction. To the Third Edition --|tI. Myths, Epics, 
       and Legends --|tEgyptian Myths, Tales, and Mortuary Texts 
       --|tSumerian Myths and Epic Tales --|tAkkadian Myths and 
       Epics --|tHittite Myths, Epics, and Legends --|tUgaritic 
       Myths, Epics, and Legends --|tII. Legal Texts --
       |tCollections of Laws from Mesopotamia and Asia Minor --
       |tEgyptian and Hittite Treaties --|tHittite Instructions -
       -|tDocuments from the Practice of Law --|tIII. Historical 
       Texts --|tEgyptian Historical Texts --|tBabylonian and 
       Assyrian Historical Texts --|tHittite Historical Texts --
       |tPalestinian Inscriptions --|tIV. Rituals, Incantations, 
       and Descriptions o f Festivals --|tEgyptian Rituals and 
       Incantations --|tAkkadian Rituals --|tHittite Rituals, 
       Incantations, and Description of Festivals --|tV. Hymns 
       and Prayers --|tEgyptian Hymns and Prayers --|tSumerian 
       Petition --|tSumero-Akkadian Hymns and Prayers --|tHittite
       Prayers --|tVI. Didactic and Wisdom Literature --|tFables 
       and Didactic Tales --|tProverbs and Precepts --
       |tObservations on Life and the World Order --|tOracles and
       Prophecies --|tVII. Lamentations --|tA Sumerian 
       Lamentation --|tVIII. Secular Songs and Poems --|tEgyptian
       Secular Songs and Poems --|tIX. Letters --|tAn Egyptian 
       Letter --|tA Sumerian Letter --|tAkkadian Letters --
       |tAramaic Letters --|tX. Miscellaneous Texts --|tEgyptian 
       Texts --|tHittite Omen --|tSUPPLEMENT TO Ancient Near 
       Eastern Texts --|tAkkadian Myths and Epics --|tHittite 
       Myths, Epics, and Legends --|tII. Legal Texts --
       |tCollections of Laws from Mesopotamia and Asia Minor --
       |tEgyptian and Hittite Treaties --|tAkkadian Treaties from
       Syria and Assyria --|tDocuments from the Practice of Law -
       -|tAramaic Papyri from Elephantine --|tIII. Historical 
       Texts --|tEgyptian Historical Texts --|tBabylonian and 
       Assyrian Historical Texts --|tPalestinian Inscriptions --
       |tV. Hymns and Prayers --|tSumerian Hymns --|tV I . 
       Didactic and Wisdom Literature --|tSumerian Wisdom Text --
       |tAkkadian Didactic and Wisdom Literature --|tVII. 
       Lamentations --|tSumerian Lamentation --|tIX . Letters --
       |tAkkadian Letters --|tAramaic Letters --|tX. 
       Miscellaneous Texts --|tSumerian Sacred Marriage Texts --
       |tSumerian Miscellaneous Texts --|tCanaanite and Aramaic 
       Inscriptions --|tSouth-Arabian Inscriptions --|tAddenda --
       |tAbbreviations --|tIndexes --|tIndex of Biblical 
       References --|tIndex of Names --|tAddenda --|tSUPPLEMENT 
       TO Ancient Near Eastern Texts --|tTranslators and 
       Annotators --|tContents of the Supplement. 
520    This anthology brought together the most important 
       historical, legal, mythological, liturgical, and secular 
       texts of the ancient Near East, with the purpose of 
       providing a rich contextual base for understanding the 
       people, cultures, and literature of the Old Testament. A 
       scholar of religious thought and biblical archaeology, 
       James Pritchard recruited the foremost linguists, 
       historians, and archaeologists to select and translate the
       texts. The goal, in his words, was "a better understanding
       of the likenesses and differences which existed between 
       Israel and the surrounding cultures." Before the 
       publication of these volumes, students of the Old 
       Testament found themselves having to search out scattered 
       books and journals in various languages. This anthology 
       brought these invaluable documents together, in one place 
       and in one language, thereby expanding the meaning and 
       significance of the Bible for generations of students and 
       readers. As one reviewer put it, "This great volume is one
       of the most notable to have appeared in the field of Old 
       Testament scholarship this century." Princeton published a
       follow-up companion volume, The Ancient Near East in 
       Pictures Relating to the Old Testament (1954), and later a
       one-volume abridgment of the two, The Ancient Near East: 
       An Anthology of Texts and Pictures (1958). The continued 
       popularity of this work in its various forms demonstrates 
       that anthologies have a very important role to play in 
       education--and in the mission of a university press. 
546    In English. 
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700 1  Pritchard, James B. 
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